2019’s Most-Viewed Blogs 

Elasto Proxy is beginning a new year of blogging with a look back at our most-viewed content of 2019. Whether you’re new to the blog or patron of all 370+ posts, we think you’ll want to know what resonated with readers last year.

Which of the following blog entries did you like best and what would like to learn about in 2020

#1 Silicone Hoses, Reducers and Elbows: The Ultimate Guide

Silicone withstands extreme temperatures and resists cracking. It’s a great choice for the molded rubber parts that connect the intake pipes and tubes in diesel-powered equipment. So how do you select the right silicone hoses, reducers and elbows for your specific application?

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#2 How to Install Edge Trim

Edge trim protects exposed edges and the people who come into contact with them. Choosing the right edge trim material is important (see below), but you also need to install trim seals with care to avoid buckling or separation. Here’s what engineers and installers both need to know.   

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#3 Locking Gasket Guide: Window Gasket Selection and Installation

Locking gaskets are lengths of rubber that lock into place to provide a secure seal between stationary glass and a body panel. Window channels that are too small won’t fit over the glass and forcing them into place can cause glass to break. Remember these tips during selection and installation.   

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#4 Custom Rubber Floor Mats, Flooring and Floor Matting

Rubber flooring supports operator safety, absorbs engine noise, and reduces cabin wear. By using rubber mats instead of carpeting, heavy equipment manufacturers can strengthen their larger product designs. It also helps to know how rubber flooring is made.     

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#5 How to Select Edge Trim

Edge trim needs to have the same thickness as the edge to cover. If the edge is curved, remember to specify an adequate bend radius. As a rule, shorter flanges require shorter leg lengths and longer flanges need longer ones. Here’s what else you need to know 

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#6 Reducing Shop Waste Through Outsourced Rubber Fabrication

Marine MetalCraft is a Kingston, Ontario company that manufactures high-speed aluminum boats that are used by fire crews, rescue patrols, and military personnel. Through water jet cutting and custom packaging from Elasto Proxy, the boat builder is saving time and money. 

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#7 Five Types of Edge Trim Seal Materials

Edge trim seal materials include EPDM, neoprene, silicone, PVC and TPE. Each of these elastomers has its advantages, but what’s the right compound for your application? Remember, too, that a trim seal can be fabricated from either sponge rubber or solid rubber in a range of durometers, or hardness.    

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#8 What’s the Best Sound Absorbing Material for Heavy Equipment? 

Whether it’s sound absorbers for engine bays or equipment cabs, engineers in the heavy equipment industry have different needs than the designers of home theater systems. To choose the best sound absorbing material, it helps to know some basics about sound absorber selection and installation. 

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#9 Three Ways to Solve Your Skilled Labor Shortage   

Are you waiting for new training programs to provide workers? Will automation eventually solve your problems instead? These solutions may sound promising, but you can’t keep waiting if you want to keep your customers happy today. You need a solution now.  Look to your supply chain.

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#10 Value-Added Manufacturing for Industrial Rubber Products

Value-added manufacturing for industrial rubber products combines the benefits of custom fabrication with the advantages of parts marking, kitting, and custom packaging. When you outsource fabrication to Elasto Proxy, you can reduce your labor and material costs while improving part quality and consistency.

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How Can We Help You in 2020?

For over 30 years, Elasto Proxy has provided low-to-medium volume quantities of industrial rubber products for demanding applications. We’re not just a distributor that keeps hundreds of standard profiles in stock. We’re a custom fabricator that can help you with seal design and material selection. 

How can we help you solve your sealing and insulation challenges in 2020? To get started, contact us.

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