Military EMI Shielding Gaskets

emi shielding gasketsEMI shielding gaskets for military electronics are used in everything from touchscreens to targeting systems. To prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from disrupting electronic equipment, Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates EMI shielding gaskets from particle-filled silicones. These specialized materials combine the materials properties of silicone rubber with the electrical properties of metal. Elasto Proxy uses waterjet cutting to convert shielding silicones, and bonds cut lengths with conductive adhesives.

EMI gaskets from Elasto Proxy meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528, a U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) specification for electrically-conductive elastomeric shielding gaskets. MIL-DTL-83528 establishes minimum shielding effectiveness levels for various material types over a frequency range of 20 MHz to 10 GHz. MIL-DTL-83528 also specifies hardness or durometer (Shore A) measurements for shielding silicones that are categorized as low, medium, or high durometer. (more…)

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EMI Gaskets for Electronic Devices and Equipment

EMI GasketsEMI gaskets help to protect electronic devices and equipment against disruptions and disturbances caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI). Because these shielding gaskets are made of particle-filled silicones, they also provide environmental sealing and resist a wide range of service temperatures. Depending on the durometer, the base elastomer supports varying degrees of compression. The metal or metal-coated particles provide EMI shielding and electrical conductivity.

Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates EMI gaskets for medical, military, mass transit, and many other applications, including aerospace. With our water jet cutting capabilities, we supply low-to-medium volume quantities of custom EMI gaskets with no tooling costs. In addition to flat connector gaskets, we manufacture EMI shielding gaskets from extruded materials. Water jet cutting isn’t just cost-effective. It’s also fast and precise, making it a great choice for prototypes. (more…)

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EMI Gaskets for Strong, Thin Electronic Designs

EMI GasketsElasto Proxy custom-fabricates EMI gaskets from nickel-graphite filled silicones that contain an inner layer of conductive fabric for added strength and thinner designs.

Some electronic designs need EMI gaskets that balance physical strength with support for thinner devices. Conductive elastomeric shielding gaskets are a proven technology, but some design engineers worry that shielding silicones are packed with so many particles that these elastomers are brittle and will tear easily. Other engineers believe that particle-filled shielding elastomers are too thick, and can’t support electronic products with thinner profiles. These concerns are important ones, but Elasto Proxy can address them by fabricating EMI gaskets from nickel-graphite shielding silicones that are reinforced with conductive fabric. (more…)

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QPL Connector Gaskets for Military Electronics

QPL Connector GasketsQPL connector gaskets meet demanding DoD standards. This is the second in a series of technical articles about why defense contractors choose EMI gaskets from Elasto Proxy.

Some military contracts require QPL connector gaskets made from Qualified Product List (QPL) materials. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) manages the QPL program, which is designed to ensure performance, quality, and reliability in mission-critical military electronics. Achieving a QPL listing is a demanding process, and not all material suppliers can meet DoD requirements.

For design engineers and technical buyers, sourcing QPL materials is only part of the challenge. In addition to compound selection, it’s important to evaluate a potential partner’s manufacturing capabilities. EMI gaskets that are made of particle-filled silicones support various fabrication methods, but designers and buyers need to pick a gasket fabricator with the right balance of experience and expertise. (more…)

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Rubber Sheets for Flooring, Sealing, EMI Shielding, and Insulation

Rubber Sheets - Video
Video – Rubber Sheets from Elasto Proxy

Rubber sheets aren’t only used for flooring. They’re also used for environmental sealing, EMI shielding, and sandwich-style insulation against heat, noise, and vibration. Choose standard sheet stock or specialty sheeting, and ask Elasto Proxy to use water jet cutting and laminating or adhesives to create your custom solution.

Rubber sheets are used for sealing and insulation in industrial, commercial, and military applications. Many different types of rubber sheet stock are available, but an off-the-shelf product may not be right for your application. By working with a custom fabrication specialist, industrial buyers and designer engineers can source standard or specialty elastomers and then have rubber sheeting cut to size. Elastomeric sheets with laminates or adhesives already applied can also speed sheet installation. (more…)

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Military EMI Gaskets

EMI Gasket FabricationEMI gasket fabrication requires more than just cost-effective cutting. Precision, accuracy, and reliability are critical. In Part 2 of this series, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy fabricates EMI gaskets made of particle-filled silicones for military and defense applications.

Clyde Sharpe
General Manager at Elasto Proxy

EMI gaskets made of particle-filled silicones are used with joints and seams in metal-to-metal interfaces. This EMI shielding conducts electricity and ensures conductivity even when there are discontinuities along metal surfaces. As we learned in Part 1 of this series, elastomeric shielding gaskets are filled with either metal- or metal-coated particles. These shielding materials combine the useful physical and chemical properties of silicone rubbers with reliable electrical conductivity and specific levels of resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll examine how the custom fabrication of EMI gaskets supports shielding for military and defense applications. Accordingly, it’s important to note that product designers need these EMI gaskets in many different shapes and sizes. In addition to square gaskets and knife-edge profiles, examples include C, D, L, and M-shaped profiles. There are various ways to convert particle-filled silicones from sheets or rolls into specialized shapes, but water jet cutting offers advantages over methods such as die cutting.


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EMI Shielding and Conductive Silicones

EMI Gaskets from Elasto Proxy
EMI Gaskets from Elasto Proxy

Particle-filled silicones are elastomeric compounds that combine the advantages of silicone rubber with the electrical properties of metals. In Part 1 of this series, you’ll learn how shielding silicones support custom EMI gaskets.

Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomer with useful physical and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures. Silicones resist weathering, ultraviolet light, oxidation, moisture, and many chemicals. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) compounds are also flexible, permeable, and non-irritating to human skin. With applications ranging from medical gaskets and oven seals to building expansion joints and lubricants, silicone rubbers are versatile materials.


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