How Elasto Proxy Seals Commitments

When Elasto Proxy makes a commitment, we promise to fully understand your needs and deliver on them. It begins with listening to you and analyzing your needs. It continues by comparing our production capabilities to your application requirements. Unlike other fabricators of industrial rubber products, Elasto Proxy is your partner in the manufacturing process. We only accept the jobs we can do, and we always complete them to the highest standards. Business relationships are commitments, and we promise to act on your behalf and serve your interests. So let Elasto Proxy apply its flexible and innovative application knowledge for you.  Choose a partner – not just a provider.

Solving Problems and Building Trust

When Elasto Proxy’s first customer stipulated a quality control requirement, we developed a quality manual that met stringent requirements from the Canadian Department of National Defence. Later, when they asked us to achieve ISO certification, we further refined our processes.  Elasto Proxy has worked with partners to shorten their lead times and to supply value-added products. We introduced fabricated services and just-in-time delivery. Typically during design development, the seal has to accommodate many changes or variations to the original design. With our application background and experience, we collaborate with our partners to develop design solutions to meet all requirements.

How to Spell Honesty with Two Letters

As a mature industrial company, Elasto Proxy has the global sourcing and technical services to build quality products at fair prices, and to customize and optimize its capabilities. We also have the courage to say “no” when quality or customers might suffer. Once, a leading auto parts maker promised us a large contract if we’d install 50 machines on our factory floor. But we wouldn’t change our business model in a way that wouldn’t benefit our existing Elasto Proxy customers.

Continuity and a Commitment to Your Future

Today, Elasto Proxy is expanding from its North American origins and entering the global marketplace. We may be smaller than many of our competitors, but we’re growing – in the right ways. Unlike those larger suppliers who move slowly and hear little, Elasto Proxy acts quickly and listens carefully. An avid problem solver, we can understand your application requirements and will work with you to find custom fabrication solutions. The Elasto Proxy promise is a commitment – one that we would like to share with you.