Parts for Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturers

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Elasto Proxy supplies aviation and aerospace manufacturers with rubber seals, custom gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, silicone connectors and much more. We are AS9100D certified.

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the companies that we serve.  

  • Aircraft parts
  • Aircraft parts suppliers
  • Aircraft parts manufacturing
  • As9100d
  • As9100d certification
  • First article inspection
  • Aerospace seals
  • Aircraft door seals
  • Aircraft bulb seal
aircraft seals and gaskets
Aircraft Parts for OEMs
aircraft seals and gaskets
Seals and Gaskets for Aircraft Parts Suppliers
aircraft seals and gaskets
Aircraft Door Seals and Window Seals

More for Aviation and Manufacturers

Elasto Proxy supplies these and other rubber products for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. 

  • Hatch seals and hatch covers
  • Rubber grommets
  • Rubber extrusions
  • Extruded tubing and seals
  • Protective boots and bellows
  • Window gaskets
  • Wing and aerodynamic surfaces
  • Gap seals
  • Fire barriers
  • Engine seals
  • Fuel door gaskets

We also work with these materials.

Elasto Proxy is an aerospace gasket fabricator with a manufacturing facility near Montreal, Canada that is ASD9100D certified. We can produce seals, gaskets and insulation for first article inspection and supply you with standard AS9102 Forms or other FAI documentation. To learn more about our value-added manufacturing capabilities and how we can help you, please contact us.