Success Stories

Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches Thanks to a Perfectly Sealed Oven Door!

Industry: Food Equipment

Business Needs: Custom Fabrication

A local manufacturer of bakery and pizza ovens was in the process of completing a job for a popular sandwich shop.  They were building ovens in order to offer a new option of grilling the sandwiches for the customers. After completing the job with all of the parts, the manufacturer realized there was an issue with the rubber seal along the door. When the oven was used and the tray holding the sandwich was removed, it would catch on the seal and eventually cause it to come loose because the seal overlapped.

After testing, it was found that the seal did not meet standards and required specifications. The original suppliers of the seal were unable to adjust their part and the problem remained. Elasto Proxy was contacted by the manufacturer, and we began testing the seal and came up with a solution. We took on project, and were able to design a seal that fit perfectly; no overlap and the perfect compression. We succeeded in helping the manufacturer deliver an excellent product. The end user of the product was extremely satisfied and now customers at the sandwich shop can enjoy delicious sandwiches with the help of our specially designed supper oven door seal!

A Perfect Fit Designed Using an Old, Worn-Out Sample

Industry: Mass Transit

Solution: Custom Fabrication

One of our largest mass transit manufacturers had an issue with one of the trains they were working on. The door seals had become worn and were causing leaks. It was a very urgent matter, as they needed the replacement in two weeks from the time they placed the order. The time frame was so short because the test train that needed new seals would be arriving in Philadelphia and staying there for less than 24 hours. That was our window to have the seals installed.

The only thing the design team was given to come up with the perfect seal was an old, worn sample of the seal that was currently on the train. The technical designers here at Elasto Proxy studied the sample and came up with a design. We molded a cap and profile to create a perfect fit, and sent the finished goods to the customer on time for the drive-by installation. Despite the deterioration of the sample, we were able to design a seal that not only fit the existing space, but we improved the functionality that the previous seal offered when it was new.

Working Hand-in-Hand with a Manufacturer for an Optimal Supply Chain

Industry: Mobile Specialty Vehicles

Solution: Sourcing

For years, we have supplied parts to a large manufacturer of heavy equipment for their Canadian-based business. We maintain a very good relationship with this customer, and supply them with the rubber components they need. When they needed to cut their vendor base several years ago, we were there to help. We worked alongside their purchasing team to determine which of their products we could supply exclusively. We were able to come up with a complete product kit that suited their needs. The client was satisfied with this product base since is reduced their vendor base and allowed them to become a certified supplier.

When this manufacturer had the make the same changes to their plants located in the USA and Brazil, they turned to us a second time and we provided the same product kits to the other locations as well. This has further strengthened our business relationship with this manufacturer and we were proud to be able to help them streamline their business.

Weather-Proof Signs Leading to a Well-Sealed Business Deal!

Industry: Electronics

Solution: Custom Fabrication

One of our customers located in Virginia creates signs for commercial buildings. They were awarded a contract for a popular discount retail store that was in the process of renovating their existing stores and also building new locations. Our customer had another supplier for their rubber components, but quickly realized that the seals they had were not doing a good job. They contacted us for a rubber seal to go along the outside of the signs in order to protect them from the elements.

We reviewed the drawings and sent them a sample to test the product. It fit perfectly and they placed a large order for the entire project immediately. Due to the time constraints, we were able to ship them a partial order within ten days of them placing the order. The customer was elated, and we still have a strong relationship with them to this day. When one of their partners on the West Coast needed a similar product, they recommended us immediately, not only for our high quality product, but our efficient staff and excellent service. The partner placed an order with us, and we have built a strong business relationship with them as well. We continue to supply these two firms with solutions to their sealing needs to this day.