Parts for Flatbed Truck Manufacturers

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Elasto Proxy supplies manufacturers of flatbed trucks with rubber seals, custom gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, silicone connectors, and much more.

Within the transportation industry, here are of some of the flat bed truck companies that we serve.

  • Flatbed tow truck
  • Custom truck flatbeds
  • Flatbed trucking companies
  • Flatbed truck bool boxes
  • Flatbed truck bodies
  • Flatbed dump truck
  • Flatbed work truck
  • Flatbed truck with crane
  • Flatbed truck parts

Types of Flatbed Trucks

The types of flatbed truck manufacturers that we support include:
  • standard flatbed
  • step deck
  • extendable flatbed
  • stretch single-drop deck
  • double drop
  • RGN (removable goose neck trailer)
  • side-kit
  • lowboys
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Rubber and Plastic Parts for Flatbed Trucking Companies
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Seals and Gaskets for Flatbed Work Trucks
Specialty Products for Custom Truck Flatbeds
Rubber and Plastic Parts for Flatbed Truck Bodies

More for Manufacturers of Flat Bed Trucks

Whether you’re designing a steel flat bed, a specialty bed, a heavy-duty aluminum bed, or a versatile service body, Elasto Proxy can provide the custom seals and insulation that you need.  For over 35 years, we’ve been supplying manufacturers of heavy equipment with reliable rubber and rubber plastic parts that meet the most demanding on-road and off-road conditions. Truck manufacturers also like how they can source seals, gaskets in insulation in low MOQs and get on-time deliveries. 

Custom Silicone Connectors

Molded Rubber and Plastic Products