Mining Equipment Parts

Mining equipment parts from Elasto Proxy provide the sealing and insulation that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need. We specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts for mining machines like:

  • Draglines
  • Shovels
  • Loaders

Here are some of the mining equipment parts you can get from Elasto Proxy.

Dragline Parts

Draglines, or dragline excavators, are used in surface mining operations to remove overburden, the natural rock that sits above the ore. Draglines have a large bucket that is suspended from a boom with wire ropes. The hoist rope is motor-driven and the drag rope moves the bucket assembly horizontally. Large draglines are built on-site. Smaller dragline excavators are based on lifting cranes.

Mining equipment parts for draglines include sealing and insulation for the cabin where the operator sits. Products include door and window seals, rubber flooring and floor mats, and molded rubber and plastic parts such as knobs and button covers. Engine bay insulation is also used. These dragline parts reduce heat and/or sound from the engine compartment.

Shovel Parts

Shovels, or power shovels, are bucket-equipped mining machines for digging, loading, swinging, dumping, and returning. They are sometimes called electric mining shovels or electric rope shovels because their digging arm is electrically powered and controlled by winches and steel ropes. This type of mining machinery is mounted to a tracked or wheeled base for mobility.

Mining equipment parts for power shovels include various rubber and plastic components that are used with the track system, cabin, cables, rack, stick, boom, and bucket. Along with door seals and window gaskets, power shovel parts include rubber floor mats and flooring. As with other types of heavy equipment, interior components can come in custom colors to support larger product designs.

Loader Parts

Loaders are heavy equipment for moving or loading soil, rock, or sand into another type of machine such as a dump truck, hopper, or conveyor. Equipment types include backhoe loaders, crawler loaders, skid steer loaders, and wheel loads. The wheeled loaders that are used in mining operations have especially rugged tires but also need other reliable rubber parts.

Mining equipment parts for rugged loaders include window seals, door gaskets, rubber floor mats, and environmental seals for access compartments. Rugged loader parts also included engine insulation for reducing heat and sound, molded rubber bumpers for impact resistance, and plastic parts that are used inside the operator cabin.

More Mining Equipment Parts

Manufacturers of mining equipment trust Elasto Proxy to supply them with low-to-medium volumes of plastic and rubber parts for the interior, exterior, and engine bay. In addition to seals, gaskets, and thermal, acoustic, and thermal-insulation, we can provide you with molded rubber parts, molded plastic parts, and rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies.

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