Parts for Transport Truck and Van Manufacturers

Transport Van

Elasto Proxy supplies manufacturers of transport trucks and vans with rubber seals, custom gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, silicone connectors, molded rubber and plastic parts, and much more.  

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the transport truck and van companies that we serve. 

  • Car transport truck
  • Military transport truck
  • Truck transport company
  • Transport vans
  • Transporter vans
  • Medical transport van
  • Prisoner transport van
  • Wheelchair transport van

Elasto Proxy is ISO 9001:2015 certified and fabricates your parts at our facility near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We can then store your parts in our North American and European warehouses and ship them on-demand or in response to your sales forecasts.  

work truck with cherry picker
Fender Flares for Service Truck Bodies
Rubber Mats for Transport Vans
Box Truck Parts
Door Gaskets for Box Trucks
Parts for Maintenance Vehicles
Bulb Trim for Compartment Doors

More for Manufacturers of Transport Trucks and Vans

Transport truck and van manufacturers trust Elasto Proxy to deliver low-to-medium volume quantities of rubber and plastic parts on-time and with high quality. With kitting and custom packaging, we can provide all of the sealing and insulation that you need for a build or assembly. In fact, with just-in-time inventory, a box of parts can move right from your loading dock to your assembly line.

Service Truck Body Rubber Parts

Vacuum Truck Parts for OEMs and MROs

Silicone Connectors

Door Gaskets