Parts for Subway, Bus and Rail Manufacturers

Mass Transit 1

Elasto Proxy supplies mass transit manufacturers with window seals, door gaskets, engine insulation, silicone hose connectors, and molded rubber and plastic parts. 

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the companies that we serve.

  • Bus
  • School bus
  • City bus
  • Smart bus
  • Metro
  • Light rail
  • Passenger rail cars
  • Subway cars
  • Bus parts
  • Public transport

Examples of the parts we supply include spliced window gaskets, window channels, and custom gaskets.

Importantly, Elasto Proxy can support your compliance with flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards such as ASTM E162, ASTM E662, Bombardier SMP 800-C, BSS 7239 and ASTM 1354. 

Bus Parts
Door Seals and Window Gaskets for Smart Buses
window gasket
Interior and Exterior Components for Passenger Rail Cars
electric buses | city buses | lightweighting
Sealing and Insulation for City Buses and Public Transport

More for Mass Transit Manufacturers

Elasto Proxy offers a cost-effective alternative to OEM pricing and MOQs. For custom seals and specialty insulation, Elasto Proxy supplies rubber products in low-to-medium volume quantities. In addition to custom fabrication, we provide design assistance and help with material selection. If you don’t have a drawing for the rubber part that you need to replace, just sent us a sample and we’ll create a CAD file. We can also recommend the right rubber and determine the most cost-effective MOQ.

Rail Maintenance: Custom Rubber Products

Transit Grade Gaskets

Railcar Rubber Products and FST Standards

Certified Transit Grade (CTG) Seals