Parts for Semi Truck Manufacturers

Semi Trucks Parts

Elasto Proxy supplies manufacturers of semi trucks with rubber seals, custom gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, silicone connectors and much more.  

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the semi truck companies that we serve.

  • Semi truck parts
  • Semi truck repair
  • Tractor trailer truck
  • Tractor trailer supply
  • Tractor trailer parts
  • Semi tractor trailer
  • 18 wheeler truck
  • 18 wheeler truck parts
  • Eighteen wheeler

Examples of the sealing and trim we supply for semi trucks include:

  • interior trim
  • glass run seal
  • encapsulated glass
  • trim seals
  • extender fairing
  • door and body seals
  • bulb seal
  • inner and outer belts
  • cabin flooring
  • headlamp lens
  • headlamp seal
  • hood to cowl seal
We also provide OEMs with truck cab insulation. 
Semi Truck Door Seals
Semi Truck Door Seals
Tractor Trailer Parts
Headlamp Seals and Headlamp Lenses for 18 Wheelers
Glass Run Seals for Encapsulated Glass
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Tractor Trailer Parts for Manufacturers

More for Manufacturers of Semi Trucks

Elasto Proxy doesn’t build big rigs, but we do specialize in the custom-fabrication of rubber and plastic truck parts that help keep them running smoothly. Our experienced solutions providers are ready to help you select the right compounds, design seals and insulation with all of your requirements in mind, and even source the door and body seals on the trailer. 

For the front end of the truck, we can supply you with parts like the  transmission oiler cooler (TOC) hose, TOC quick connect, and oil pickup tube. Under the hood, the truck’s fluid transfer system includes polymer parts such as coolant and engine oil tubes. The truck’s cabin also contains seals, trim, and fuel and brake delivery systems. From interior trim and trim seals to glass run seals and encapsulated glass, rubber and plastic helps to protect the driver.

Rubber and Plastic Truck Parts

Custom Silicone Connectors