Parts for Transportation Manufacturers

Elasto Proxy supplies rubber and plastic parts that help keep the transportation industry moving. Ask us for rubber custom seals and gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, silicone hose connectors, and molded rubber and plastic.

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the markets that we serve.

Mass Transit

Semi Trucks

Flatbed Trucks

Transport Trucks and Vans

Electric Vehicles

Aviation and Aerospace

Elasto Sample Kit

For rubber extrusion shapes and gasket profiles, this sample kit is the ultimate kit for you to discover the perfect profile for your application.

Elasto Durometer Keychain

What's the difference between harder and softer durometer rubber? Ask for our durometer keychain and see for yourself.

Elasto Sponge Sample Kit

Do you need help with material selection for your next engineering project? The Elasto Sponge Sample Kit can help you decide whether foam rubber or sponge rubber is the right choice for your application.

Elasto Insulation Bag

Are you searching for insulation for your equipment? Do you need samples that you can show to co-workers in purchasing, engineering, or operations? Experience the ultimate insulation & floor matting sample kit

Elasto Trim Seal Sample Kit

Trim seal fabrication turns coils of rubber into cut lengths or finished gaskets. Trim seals, or bulb trim seals as they are also known, consist of a compressible rubber bulb and a solid trim section that attaches to an edge or flange.