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Elasto Proxy supplies manufacturers of electric vehicles with rubber seals, custom gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, and EMI shielding. 

Within the transportation industry, here are some of the electric vehicle companies that we serve.  

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  • Hybrid electric vehicles
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  • Electric off road vehicle
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  • Electric vehicle motor
  • Future of electric vehicles

We can also provide parts for electric trucks and have worked with manufacturers of some of the best EVs on the market today.

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Parts for Electric Vehicle Charging
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Parts for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

More for Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles

Installing a large number of electronics into a small interior space can cause these systems to interfere with each other. Malfunctions or failures caused by cross-talk aren’t the only risks, however. Strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can affect human health. That’s why the batteries in EVs are enclosed in more than just a metal box. A shielding gasket atop the box contains EMFs and prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the battery from disrupting other electronics.

EMI gaskets are used with the inverters and converters that manage the power and recharging circuits in electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles. Shielding gaskets are also needed at EV charging stations, where multiple chargers can generate strong EMFs as well as EMI. Paying for an EV charge could pose a problem, however. Electronic cash registers have drawers for dollar bills, and point of sales (POS) systems use electronics for credit card processing. Both need EMI gasketing.

Whether you need particle-filled silicones for EMI shielding or sponge or solid silicone gaskets for sealing and insulation, Elasto Proxy can provide you with the solutions that you need. 

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