Heavy Equipment Parts

Heavy equipment parts from Elasto Proxy provide the sealing and insulation that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need.  Here are some of the industries that we serve.

Agricultural equipment

Forestry equipment

Construction equipment

Mining equipment

Emergency vehicles

Ground service equipment (GSE)

Additional Types of Mobile Equipment Parts

In addition, we specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts for other heavy equipment like:

  • Snowcats
  • Hydrovac Trucks
  • Snow Groomers
  • Solid Waste Handling Trucks

Here are some of the other heavy equipment parts you can get from us.


Snowcats are enclosed, truck-sized vehicles that are equipped with tracks and designed to move over snow. This category of heavy equipment includes the snow groomers used at ski areas and specialty vehicles that can transport civilian or military crews during polar expeditions. Snowcats are sometimes used for logging in marshy areas and for leveling piles of sugar beets.

The heavy equipment parts that are used with snowcats must be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. The cab where the operator or crew sits must have reliable door and window seals to keep out wind and snow. Headliners, engine bay insulation, and snowcats parts made of molded plastic or molded rubber must also be able to withstand this extreme environment.        

Hydrovac Truck Parts

Hydrovac trucks, or vacuum trucks, use a stream of pressurized water to remove soil and dirt. They provide a safe alternative to diggers, which can damage pipes and underground utilities during daylighting or soil trenching. Hydro vac trucks differ in terms of capacity and pressure levels but all use the same principle. Ultimately, hydro evacuation can reach depths and tight spaces that digging equipment cannot.

Heavy equipment parts for hydro vac trucks include vibration mounts, bumpers, mud or debris flaps, and access hole gaskets. Vacuum truck parts also use anti-slip grip tapes, floor mats, acoustic insulation, window gaskets, and D-shaped door seals. Elasto Proxy serves the hydro vac industry and can provide OEMs with all of the sealing and insulation that they need, including parts for attachments.

Snow Groomer Parts

Snow groomers, or piste bashers, are tracked vehicles with a shovel or dozer blade in the front and a cutter or roller in the back. These diesel-powered machines are designed to push snow ahead of them and, at the same time, level uneven surfaces. Snow grooming is an important part of trail maintenance for alpine and cross-country skiing.

Heavy equipment parts for snow groomers must be able to withstand cold weather conditions. Snow groomer parts for the cab where the operator sits include door and window seals, rubber flooring, rubber floor mats, and headliners. Because the engine is close to the operator, acoustic insulation for noise control is especially important.  

Solid Waste Handling Truck Parts

Solid waste handling trucks, or garbage trucks, are road vehicles that are designed to collect municipal solid waste and transport it to a waste treatment facility such as a landfill or transfer station. Waste collection vehicles are commonly used for collecting and transporting household refuse. They are also used for other types of solid waste, such as regulated medical waste and used electronic equipment.

Heavy equipment parts for solid waste handling trucks include sealing and insulation for the interior, exterior, and engine bay. From the headliner to the floor mats, reliable rubber parts are installed. In addition to window and door seals, the cab is equipped with a headliner and floor mats. Environmental seals are used with access doors and the engine bay uses thermal and acoustic insulation.    

Mobile Equipment Parts from Elasto Proxy

Heavy equipment manufacturers trust Elasto Proxy to provide them with low-to-medium volumes of custom fabricated components such as door seals, window seals, flooring and floor mats, and thermal, acoustic, and thermal-acoustic insulation. In addition to rubber and plastic parts, we can provide you with value-added services from design assistance to warehousing.

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