Emergency Vehicle Parts

emergency vehicle parts

Emergency vehicle parts from Elasto Proxy provide the sealing and insulation solutions that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and vehicle upfitters need. We specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts for emergency vehicles like:

  • Police Vehicles
  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances

Here are some of the emergency vehicle parts and products you can get from Elasto Proxy.

Police Vehicle Parts

Police vehicles range from patrol cars and K-9 units to sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and unmarked cars. There are three main categories of cars or cruisers: police pursuit vehicles (PPV), special service vehicles (SSV), and special service package (SSP). Elasto Proxy can provide police vehicle parts to the OEMs and fleet upfitters who work with all of these vehicles.

Emergency vehicle parts for police cars include doors seals, window gaskets, bumpers, hood seals, and anti-vibration mounts for onboard electronics. Police cars and cruisers also need acoustic insulation such as headliners and engine bay insulation for heat and sound. Whether the flashing lights are blue, red, or white, police light bars also require environmental seals.  

Fire Truck Parts

Fire trucks or fire engines are road vehicles that transport firefighters, firefighting equipment, and water to an incident. In addition to conventional fire engines or fire lorries, this heavy equipment category includes aerial apparatus, turnable ladders, tiller trucks, platform trucks, water tenders, airport crash tenders, and wildland fire engines. Elasto Proxy supplies fire truck parts for all of these vehicles.          

Emergency vehicle parts for fire trucks include access door seals, anti-vibration mounts, thermal insulation for the engine bay, acoustic insulation for the cab, molded rubber parts like bellows and shifter boots, and plastic covers for buttons and controls. Formed hoses, silicone hose connectors, and heat shields are used in the engine bay. Environmental seals are used for fire truck lights.

Ambulance Parts

Ambulances are used by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to transport patients to treatment facilities such hospitals while providing emergency medical care. In the United States, there are four types of ambulances: I, II, III, and IV. Type I ambulances use a heavy truck chassis while Type II ambulances are based on a commercial heavy-duty van. Elasto Proxy supplies the ambulance parts that you need.     

Emergency vehicle parts for ambulances include door gaskets, window seals and molded rubber parts that include bumpers, grommets, bellows, and shifter boots. Floor mats and step treads provide anti-slip footing while acoustic insulation reduces road noise. Rubber-to-metal bonded parts for ambulances include isolation mounts for shock and vibration. Seals for emergency vehicle lighting are also used.   

More Emergency Vehicle Parts and Products

Emergency vehicle manufacturers trust Elasto Proxy to supply them with low-to-medium volumes of plastic and rubber parts and products for the interior, exterior, and engine bay. In addition to seals, gaskets, and insulation, we can provide you with value-added services from design assistance, kitting, custom packaging, and warehousing.

To learn more about emergency vehicle parts from Elasto Proxy, contact us.   

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