How Elasto Proxy Sealed Its Business Relationships

Elasto Proxy is a family-owned company with deep roots, strong business relationships, and a growing global presence in the rubber and plastics industry. Founded in 1989 by Doug and Donna Sharpe, this “Mom and Pop shop” flourished in Quebec, Canada before expanding first to the Canadian province of Ontario and then to South Carolina in the United States. Today, we’re expanding our innovative business philosophy in Europe, where Elasto Proxy’s technical services and application knowledge will satisfy customers in the fast-growing market. Our name, a marriage of “elastomer” and “proxy”, defines our commitment to fully understanding your needs and delivering on them. That’s why you can rely on us and be confident in granting us a proxy to act on your behalf and serve your interests. 

The Story of Elasto Proxy

Supply chains are important, but global sourcing isn’t the secret to Elasto Proxy’s success. For Doug and Donna Sharpe, the bonds that matter most are between their employees, customers and suppliers – and each other. Together, Donna and Doug Sharpe have grown Elasto Proxy from a home-based business into a global player in the rubber and plastics industry. Committed employees share the Sharpes’ innovative philosophy, providing exceptional project management and custom fabrication skills.

The Secrets to a Happy Marriage

When Elasto Proxy was born in 1989, the world was in turmoil. The Berlin Wall fell. Changing markets and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) led to wave after wave of consolidation in the rubber and plastics industry. Even some medium-sized fabricators shed their old customers in the name of “growth”. Yet the need for smaller, more specialized shops remained. As a builder of industrial rubber and plastic components, Elasto Proxy embraced values that many bigger manufacturers no longer shared. Listen to your customers – and to your suppliers. Define objectives. Collaborate to find solutions. Embrace innovation. These values aren’t old-fashioned. They’re the reason we enjoy long-term relationships with our customers. 

Custom Fabrication and Beyond

With facilities in Canada and the United States, Elasto Proxy is a leader in providing industrial customers with high-value, low-volume rubber and plastic components. Manufacturing capabilities include waterjet cutting and film splice molding, injection molding, composite lamination, and the heat-lamination of 3M foam tapes. Flexible work cells and a paint chamber for surface coating are also available to meet your custom fabrication needs. When it’s time for a supplier who will act on your behalf and serve your interests – it’s time for Elasto Proxy.