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These FAQ videos from Elasto Proxy provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about buying and using industrial rubber products.

  1. Why do custom rubber profiles take so long to make and why are they so expensive?
  2. Which type of rubber is best for my application?
  3. Do you need solid or sponge rubber?
  4. Is there a minimum order quantity?
  5. Does Elasto Proxy have stock profiles?
  6. What should my gasket compression be?
  7. Can rubber profiles be spliced into gaskets?

Watch the videos below – and return to this page soon for more! 

FAQ Video #1 – Custom Rubber Profiles 

Learn why custom rubber profiles take so long to make – and why they are so expensive. 

FAQ Video #2 Best Rubber for Your Application

Learn how to determine which type of rubber is best for your application.

FAQ Video #3 – Solid Rubber vs. Sponge Rubber

Learn how to determine whether you need a solid rubber profile or a sponge rubber profile.

FAQ Video #4 – Is There a Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes. Find out what it is and then learn how to buy low MOQs of industrial rubber products.

FAQ Video #5 – Does Elasto Proxy Have Stock Profiles?

Yes. Watch the video and then find product types and part numbers.

FAQ Video #6 – What Should My Gasket Compression Be?

We’re happy to explain! Watch the video and then read this article

FAQ Video #7 – Can Rubber Profiles Be Spliced Into Gaskets?

Learn more about spliced gaskets, watch the video below:

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