Do you need to buy low MOQs of industrial rubber products such as bulb trim, edge trim, sponge profiles, or solid profiles? Some industrial distributors require you to order quantities that are significantly greater than what you really need. These vendors may try to sell you on the benefits of volume discounts, but you’ll tie-up cash in all that excess inventory. And that’s just one of the problems with buying in bulk at the expense of a sounder business strategy that considers your true costs.

Elasto Proxy can provide you with rubber products in lower MOQs than you’ll find from many other industrial distributors. With rubber coils, our typical minimum order quantity is 50 meters or 164 feet; however, MOQs can vary based on the type of rubber profile that you choose. Contact us to talk about what you need and to learn what have in-stock. If you’re not ready to order just yet, keep reading to learn about how to buy in low MOQs – and what can happen if you settle for higher quantities instead.

High MOQs and True Costs

Buying more than what you need isn’t much of a bargain. Although the per unit cost may be lower, there are hidden costs to consider. For example, there could be a significant opportunity cost – the loss of a potential gain when you choose one option instead of another. Let’s say you buy 5000 meters of bulb trim when all you need is 50 meters. The money you spend on the excess 4950 meters is money you can’t spend on other items instead.

Vendors with higher MOQs can also cost you more in terms of warehousing. To store all of the excess inventory that you’ve purchased, you’ll need to have enough storage space in your facility. You’ll also need to have enough shelving units and, when your shipment arrives, forklifts and inventory personnel on-hand. If your warehouse gets too crowded, there’s the risk an employee could hit a box with a forklift and ruin everything that’s inside. Rubber also has a shelf life and should be stored under the right conditions.    

Low MOQs and Added Value

If you can find a supplier that specializes in low MOQs, won’t the unit prices that you pay be higher? That’s not necessarily the case. By partnering with the right supplier, you can get competitive prices and added value. For example, Elasto Proxy combines low MOQs with warehousing services. This allows us to buy large, cost-effective quantities on your behalf, store them in our North American or European warehouses, and then release quantities according to your sales forecast.    

Consider the benefits of this approach. You won’t have to tie-up extra cash in inventory that you don’t need right now. In turn, you may be able to reduce the amount of warehouse space and shelving that your business requires. Your employees won’t have to receive, move, store, and then retrieve boxes that could get damaged in transit. With our added-value services, Elasto Proxy can even ship you a box of industrial rubber products that moves from your loading dock to your assembly line.

Buy Low MOQs from Elasto Proxy

Rubber and plastic products might seem like commodity items, but Elasto Proxy isn’t a commodity company. Instead, we’re a supply chain partner that helps you to solve business challenges. If you’re looking for low MOQs, why not ask us about our warehousing services? By contracting with us and sending us your sales forecast, you can reduce manufacturing waste and strengthen your supply chain at a time when too many manufacturers are facing stock-outs or shortages. 

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