Specialty Rubber Products You Didn’t Know That Elasto Proxy Supplies

Five ProductsElasto Proxy supplies industrial products that you probably didn’t know we offered. Why does this matter to you? Engineers need reliable parts that support larger product designs. Components that don’t work, won’t fit, fail in the field, or wear out too soon can cause project delays and cost overruns. If your current supplier can’t support your application, Elasto Proxy may offer an alternative.

Purchasing personnel also need suppliers who meet business and technical requirements. For purchasing agents, sticking with the same vendor may seem like the easiest way to do business. Yet it’s not always the best way, as sourcing managers can attest. As companies consolidate vendor lists to reduce operational expenses, they’re also buying more parts from suppliers with strong vendor scorecards.

In this article from Elasto Proxy, you’ll learn about five products that we offer that you probably didn’t know we did. Do you need rubber that’s bonded to metal, silicone hose, metallic-colored extrusions, molded plastic parts, or sewn products? If your company is buying these products from another supplier, you could save time and money by ordering them from Elasto Proxy instead. (more…)

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Silicone Couplers

Silicone ConnectorsSilicone couplers are molded rubber parts that connect the intake pipes and tubes in diesel-powered vehicles and heavy equipment. These engine components resist high temperatures while providing strength and flexibility. Typically, silicone couplers are used in mobile equipment such as generator sets (gensets), ships and boats, and on-road and off-road equipment for forestry, mining, construction, and agriculture.


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Plastic Parts for Hospital Beds Cut Costs, Promote Safety, Ensure Compliance

Plastic Parts for Hospital BedsIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy helped a manufacturer of hospital beds to reduce costs, promote patient safety, and meet regulatory requirements. By applying the power of our supply chain strength, Elasto Proxy provides plastic parts that replace metal ones.

Hospitals need to deliver high-quality healthcare while containing medical costs and meeting regulatory demands. For manufacturers of medical equipment, earning the trust of hospital administrators means meeting all of these requirements. This is especially true for hospital bed manufacturers, whose highly-engineered products are used by patients throughout their hospital stays.

Today’s hospital beds contain precise parts made of various materials. Metal parts are more expensive than plastic ones, and may be subject to corrosion. Metal components are also heavier, which increases product weight and shipping costs. Many hospital bed manufacturers would like to replace metal parts with plastic ones, but only if the new parts meet existing requirements for cost, quality, and compliance. (more…)

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