Ground Service Equipment Parts (GSE)

ground service equipment parts

Ground service equipment parts (GSE) from Elasto Proxy provide the sealing and insulation that original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul organizations (AvMRO) need. We specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic GSE parts for:

  • Pushback Tractors
  • Belt Loaders
  • Container Loaders
  • Potable Water Trucks
  • Lavatory Trucks

Here are some of the ground service equipment parts you can get from Elasto Proxy.

Pushback Tractor Parts

Pushback tractors, or pushback tugs, are low-profile vehicles that push an aircraft backwards and away from an airport gate. This process, known as “pushback”, eliminates the need to use the aircraft’s reverse thrust. It also reduces the risk of damage to a ground terminal from jet blast or prop wash. Typically, pushback tractors for large commercial aircraft are equipped with a towbar.   

Ground service equipment parts for pushback tractors and pushback tubs include sealing and insulation for where the driver sits. Products include door seals, window seals, rubber flooring, and plastic covers for buttons or controls. Under the hood, engine insulation is used for heat and sound. Pushback tractor parts also include rubber gaskets for bins and compartments.

Belt Loader Parts

Belt loaders are used to transfer baggage and cargo to and from the aircraft bin. They are equipped with a conveyor belt and a control arm that features forward and reverse controls, emergency stop buttons, and a dead-man emergency shutoff. Elasto Proxy can supply belt loader OEMs and AvMROs with all of the rubber and plastic parts that are needed for airport operations.

Ground service equipment parts for belt loaders are available for both gas-powered and electric vehicles. Rubber pads are attached at each end of the conveyor belt. Environmental seals help to protect the belt loader’s spotlight and its recessed head lights. The engine housing on a belt loader needs to seal out the elements and may use acoustic insulation for sound reduction.  

Container Loader Parts

Container loaders, or container loading systems, are used for cargo transfers at airports. These motorized and wheeled vehicles need rubber seals for access panels and are equipped with molded rubber bumpers that help to reduce impact from collisions. Anti-slip tapes may be applied to ladders or to surfaces where equipment operators stand.  

Ground service equipment parts for container loaders include components for guidance and conveyance. Rails, splitters, side guides, and cross tracks are all used for guidance. Conveyance components include ballmats, roller trays, roller rails, pivot rollers, transport rollers, ball transfer units, door sill assembly, and capstan rollers. Some of these container loader parts require rubber seals or rubber-to-metal bonding.

Potable Water Truck Parts

Potable water trucks, or potable water service trucks, are ground service equipment for supplying aircraft with large amounts of drinking water. They are built on a truck chassis and equipped with a potable water tank that may be equipped with a heater to keep the water from freezing. This water delivery system includes a pump, hose, and couplings.

Ground service equipment parts for potable water trucks must provide reliable sealing and insulation. If the water tank is made of plastic, an approved material may need to be used. Like other types of GSE, potable water trucks also need molded rubber bumpers to protect against impact. Potable water truck parts include door seals, window seals, and interior cabin components like rubber floor mats.

Lavatory Truck Parts

Lavatory trucks, or lavatory service trucks, are ground support equipment for removing lavatory waste from aircraft and supplying the “blue juice” that is used in airplane toilets. There is a typically a larger tank for waste and smaller tank for the blue fluid that is used to control odors and disinfect vacuum toilets. Lav trucks are also equipped with large-diameter hoses that are both durable and flexible.         

Ground service equipment parts for lavatory trucks include the rubber seals that are used with both the waste tank and the blue flush tank. With gasoline-powered equipment, the engine bay may need custom insulation to reduce heat or sound. With all-electric equipment, environmental seals that protect the battery compartment are used. Chemical resistance is required for some lav truck components.    

More Ground Service Equipment Parts (GSE)

Manufacturers of ground service equipment (GSE) trust Elasto Proxy to supply them with low-to-medium volumes of plastic and rubber parts for the interior, exterior, and engine bay. In addition to seals, gaskets, and thermal, acoustic, and thermal-insulation, we can provide you with molded rubber parts, molded plastic parts, and rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies.

To learn more about ground service equipment parts from Elasto Proxy, contact us.   

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