Acoustic Laboratory and Metrology

Elasto Proxy’s acoustic laboratory and metrology equipment adds value to your engineered products. For example, our ability to simulate different noise-control scenarios help you to select the right acoustic foams and in the right combinations. Elasto Proxy’s metrology equipment lets us perform pull testing and determine the tensile strength of your industrial rubber products.

Acoustic Laboratory

Elasto Proxy designs efficient multi-layer vibroacoustic barriers. In our laboratory, we use sophisticated software that can predict the effectiveness of different sound absorbing, sound blocking, or vibration damping materials. This powerful platform has four key functions:

  • Predict the transmission and absorption of a given layer of acoustic insulation
  • Identify possible acoustical solutions among available barriers and barrier materials
  • Analyze the effect of a change or modification of the material on the acoustical properties
  • Characterize experimentally the properties of vibroacoustic barriers that you need

Elasto Proxy also has a testing bench for the measurement and characterization of multi-layer acoustic insulation. These composite materials have a sandwich-style structures and are used in applications such as engine bay insulation, cab insulation, or rubber flooring. 

Metrology Equipment

Metrology, the scientific study of measurement, has long been an important part of the rubber industry. At Elasto Proxy, we use proven equipment for pull testing and tensile strength testing. Tensile testing, also known as tension testing, is a fundamental materials science and engineering test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure.

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