Forestry Equipment Parts

Forestry equipment parts from Elasto Proxy provide the sealing and insulation that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need. We specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts for forestry heavy equipment like:

  • Delimbers
  • Yarders
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Harvesters
  • Skidders
  • Track Harvesters
  • Wheel Forwarders
  • Wheel Skidders

Here are some of the forestry equipment parts you can get from Elasto Proxy.

Delimber Parts

Delimbers are designed to remove the limbs from the boles of trees. There are three main delimber types: gate, pull-through, and flail. Gate delimbers are welded structures. Pull-through delimbers can be either stationary or mounted on a trailer. Flail delimbers are off-road equipment with chains mounted on rotating drums. Elasto Proxy supplies delimber parts for all of these forestry machines.

Forestry equipment parts for delimbers include rubber and plastic components for the chain oiler, hydraulic system, knife arm cylinder and manifold, and the topping saw. Delimber parts also include seals and gaskets for system components such as the resolver. Safety valve seals may need rubber-to-metal bonding. Acoustic insulation can help to reduce noise. 

Yarder Parts

Yarders are logging equipment that uses cables to pull, or “fly”, logs from the stump to the landing. They include swing yarders or grapple yarders, a type of forestry equipment that pulls logs from the woods onto a logging road. With a tower yarder, the upper part of the forestry machine is mounted onto a large slewing bearing that allows for swinging the boom and cable system without relocating the machine.

Forestry equipment parts for yarders include door seals, window gaskets, sound absorbing or sound-dampening acoustic insulation for where the operator sits, and both thermal and acoustic insulation for the engine compartment. Yarder parts include environmental seals for access panels, rubber floor mats and step treads, and plastic parts such as covers for buttons and controls.

Feller Buncher Parts

Feller bunchers are logging equipment for felling trees and then bunching them together. They feature a tracked or wheeled design with a self-leveling cabins and different felling heads. These heads, which are used for cutting, can include a disc saw head, a shear blade head, and a chain saw head. Compared to chainsaws and harvesters, feller bunchers are more productive.     

Forestry equipment parts for feller bunchers include plastic and rubber components for the hydraulic boom cylinder, the swing drive, track chains and pads, slewing rings, top and bottom roller, track adjuster, boom, cabin, and engine. Feller buncher parts for the cabin include door and window seals, rubber flooring and floor mats, and the headliner. Engine bay components include formed hoses, grommets, and firewall insulation.

Harvester Parts

Harvesters are forestry heavy equipment for cut-to-length logging such as felling, delimbing, and bucking trees. These self-propelled cutting machines are wheeled or tracked and have a front or rear cab that is either fixed or rotating. Harvesters also have attached booms that may be telescoping. Elasto Proxy can supply OEMs with all of the harvester parts that are needed for sealing and insulation.

Forestry equipment parts for harvesters include interior components such as door seals, window gaskets, headliners, rubber flooring and floor mats, and brake and pedal covers. Exterior harvester parts range from access door seals and isolation mounts to rubber grommets and bumpers. The engine bay contains harvester parts like thermal insulation, engine heat shields, and rubber hose clamps.

Skidder Parts

Skidders are heavy equipment for pulling cut trees out of a forest. Known as “skidding”, this process moves the logs from the cutting site to a landing. Cable skidders use a mainline and choker to drag tree-length sections. Grapple skidders are designed to grab tree length sections. Work skidders are sometimes grouped with this category of logging equipment but are actually forwarders. 

Forestry equipment parts for skidders include cabin components like door and window seals, rubber floor mats and flooring, and sound dampening or sound absorbing insulation. Exterior skidder parts need to withstand tough outdoor environments while providing reliable sealing and insulation. A skidder’s engine compartment also contains rubber parts such as formed hoses and silicone hose connectors.    

Track Harvester Parts

Track harvesters, or tracked harvesters, are equipped with rubber tracks instead of large tires for heavy-duty logging operations. Tracked machines move more slowly than wheeled forestry machines but their tracks, or treads, provide greater stability on steeped locations. Track harvesters are also better suited for loose or wet soils and are often used other types of forestry heavy equipment.

Wheel Forwarder Parts

Wheel forwarders, or wheeled forwarders, are forest machines that carry felled logs from stump to roadside landing. Unlike skidders, forestry machines that drag full tree-lengths along the ground, forwarders pick up and carry cut lengths in a bucket. Moreover, while some skidders are tracked, wheel forwarders always have rubber tires. Track forwarders, or tracked forwarders, have treads instead.

Forestry equipment parts for wheel forwarders seals, gaskets, and insulation for the interior, the exterior, and the engine bay. Door and window gaskets, flooring and headliners, and molded rubber parts such as knobs and controls are used in the cabin. Environmental seals are used with the vehicle’s exterior. Wheel forwarder parts like engine bay insulation can reduce heat and sound.

Wheel Skidder Parts

Wheel skidders, or wheeled skidders, are forestry machines that drag rather than carry logs from the cutting site to a landing, such as cleared area near a logging road. Unlike track skidders, or tracked skidders, wheel skidders have tires instead of tracks or treads. Cable skidders use a choker and mainline to drag tree-length sections. Grapple skidders have a “paw” for grabbing tree-length sections.      

Forestry equipment part for wheel skidders range from door and window rubber to custom floor mats and headliners that arrive ready-to-install. Molded rubber and plastic parts such as button covers are used in the vehicle’s interior. Wheel skidder parts also include hydraulic cylinder rod seals, gaskets for the fuel lift pump, and fuel tank caps.  

More Forestry Heavy Equipment Parts

Forestry heavy equipment manufacturers trust Elasto Proxy to supply them with low-to-medium volumes of plastic and rubber parts and products for the interior, exterior, and engine bay. In addition to seals, gaskets, and insulation, we can provide you with value-added services from design assistance, kitting, custom packaging, and warehousing.

To learn more about forestry equipment parts from Elasto Proxy, contact us.   

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