One-Stop Sourcing for Supply Chain Efficiency

Elasto Proxy specializes in fabricating low-volume, high-value, custom-made plastic and rubber components that arrive on-time and meet all of your specifications, including regulatory requirements. We welcome short-run jobs and are committed to building business relationships that add value to your supply chain.

By following your sales forecasts and listening to your business and technical design needs, Elasto Proxy provides one-stop sourcing that lets you reduce your vendor base, too. That’s why we provide complete, easy-to-use sequence packaging to keep your production line running smoothly.

Meeting Your Supply Chain Needs and Delivery Dates

Elasto Proxy appreciates the importance of your sales forecasts and the role of expected consumption, safety factors, and minimum and maximum inventory levels. That’s why our solutions providers work closely with you to meet even the tightest lead times and the most demanding delivery dates.

Many mass distributors and large-scale custom fabricators offer prices – not answers to your needs. Because Elasto Proxy is flexible, you can send us an email or quick release for seals, gaskets, bumpers, trim, custom profiles, or other extruded rubber components. Let us simplify your procurement process by ending rigid requirements that don’t bend with your needs.

Selecting the Right Materials for Your Regulatory Requirements

As your supply chain partner, Elasto Proxy is committed to communicating with you from material selection to final sign-off, and at every step of the way. The compound manufacturers we choose share our commitment to meeting your lead time, quality, and application requirements.

Elasto Proxy sources raw materials that meet your requirements for compliance with standards such as:

Whether the materials you need are food-grade or flame-retardant, our technical services team will help you select the right ones and ensure that you always get the best products on-time.

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