Yes, we have stock rubber profiles.

Elasto Proxy stocks standard rubber profiles that are available for distribution or fabrication. The rubber extrusions that we keep in stock include bulb trim, edge trim, and sponge profiles. You can also order P-shape, U-shape, or E-shape extrusions along with locking, self-locking and zipper profiles. For rubber extrusion shapes and gasket profiles, ask Elasto Proxy.

Understanding Rubber Extrusion Codes

Each stock rubber profile from Elasto Proxy has a unique alphanumeric code. The first two letters, the category code, stand for solid profile (ES) or sponge profile (EC). The first two numbers indicate the family type. For example, 28 means it’s a bulb trim profile. The three digits in the middle are an internal code and the last two letters describe the material type. For example, E stands for EPDM.

Bulb Trim Profiles

Bulb trim profiles are used in door gaskets with radiused corners. These dual-durometer rubber extrusions consist of a lower-durometer compressible bulb and a higher-durometer retainer section. When the door is closed, the softer bulb compresses to create a seal between the door and the jam. The harder trim installs over the edge of the door and combines a finished appearance with edge protection.

Elasto Proxy keeps the following bulb trim rubber profiles in stock.

  • EC28-504-EM
  • EC28-220-EM
  • EC28-215-EM
  • EC28-290-EM
  • EC28-201-EM
  • EC28-560-EM
  • EC28-250-EM
  • EC28-212-EM
  • EC28-222-EM
  • EC28-208-EM
  • EC28-405-EM
  • EC28-580-EM
  • EC28-503-EM
  • EC28-240-EM
  • EC28-230-EM
  • EC28-213-EM
  • EC28-270-EM
  • EC28-274-EM
  • EC28-315-EM
  • EC28-320-EM

Bulb trim applications include mobile equipment and enclosures for electronics and machinery.

Edge Trim Profiles

Edge trim profiles are similar to bulb trim profiles but do not have a compressible bulb. Instead, edge trim profiles have only a retainer section. This trim combines edge protection with a finished appearance. Trim seals, as edge trim is also known, presses into place over a flange. To help absorb impact, some products contain steel wire or segmented steel cores. For additional gripping, trim seals can have interior tongues.

Elasto Proxy keeps the following edge trim rubber profiles in stock.

  • ES28-110-P60
  • ES28-186-P80
  • ES28-280-P80
  • ES28-215-P80
  • ES28-140-P80
  • ES28-210-P80
  • ES28-126-P60

Edge trim applications include the metal edges on vehicles, enclosures, and industrial kitchen equipment.

Sponge Profiles

Sponge profiles provide good recovery but are softer and less resistant to compression than solid rubber. Sponge profiles with open cells contain interconnected pockets so that air, water, and other chemicals can pass through when the material is not compressed. Sponge profiles with closed cells contain balloon-like cells that hold nitrogen gas and prevent the passage of air or water at low pressures. 

Elasto Proxy offers these stock sponge rubber profiles.

  • EC12-050-EMT1
  • EC12-017-EMT1
  • EC12-009-EMT1
  • EC12-545-EMT1
  • EC12-020-EMT1
  • EC12-013-NMT1
  • EC12-005-EMT1
  • EC12-506-EMT1
  • EC12-012-EMT1
  • EC12-010-EMT1

Applications for sponge profiles include industrial sealing, cushioning, insulation, and padding.

P-Shape Profiles

P-shape profiles have a rounded bulb and a flat stem. The bulb provides sealing under compression. The stem or tail is used for attaching the gasket to a substrate. With P-seals, the installer lays the seal’s tail atop a flat piece of metal. The installer then rivets the rubber stem into place or lays a piece a bar stock on top of the tail prior to fastening.

Elasto Proxy keeps these P-shape profiles in stock.

  • ES20-006-E60
  • ES20-055-E70
  • ES20-092-E70

P-seal applications include building and construction.

U-Shape Profiles

U-shape profiles have a channel that, depending on its width and depth, can accommodate substrates such as metal bars, assemblies, or edges. The cross-sectional profile of a rubber U-channel is usually circular, oval, or square. In addition to groove width and groove depth, the overall width and overall height of a U-shaped rubber seal varies. 

Elasto Proxy keeps these U-shape profiles in stock.

  • ES32-185-E60
  • ES32-062-E70
  • ES32-117-E70
  • ES32-123-N70
  • ES32-007-E70

Rubber U-channel profiles are used for edge protection and to eliminate vibration and movement.

E-Shape Profiles

E-shape profiles look like a lowercase letter “e”.  The top part of the rubber extrusion is a half-moon bulb that supports compression. The bottom has a flat, straight tail that the installer lays atop a substrate. The middle of the E-seal contains a gap or slot where the installer inserts metal bar stock. The installer then rivets through the bar stock and the rubber tail into the substrate.

Elasto Proxy has these E-shape stock rubber profiles.

  • ES14-001-S60B
  • ES14-125-C70
  • ES14-475-S60

E-shaped rubber seals are used in applications, such as food processing, that require mechanical fastening instead of adhesives because of high heat and chemicals.

Locking, Self-Locking and Zipper Stock Rubber Profiles

Locking, self-locking and zipper profiles are types of window channels. Locking gaskets have a key. Self-locking gaskets do not. Lock-strip gaskets or zipper gaskets are two-part gasket assemblies that consist of a main body gasket and a lock-strip or zipper. An installer inserts the zipper into a receiving channel on the main body gasket to provide compression between the main body gasket, glazing, and framing.  

Elasto Proxy keeps these types of rubber profiles for window channels in stock.

  • ES35-020-E70
  • ES35-019-E65
  • ES35-022-E65
  • ES36-034-E70
  • ES36-034-E70
  • ES36-014-E70
  • ES38-002-E80

Applications for locking, self-locking and zipper profiles include the window channels used on buildings, buses, and trains. 

Stock Rubber Profiles: Extruded and Molded (Bumpers)

Elasto Proxy stocks the standard rubber extrusions that you need and has molded rubber bumpers, too.

Here the rubber truck bumpers we keep in stock.

  • MB-220-C80
  • MB-230-C80
  • MB-240-C80
  • MB-290-C80

If you need gasket profiles, ask us for bulb trim, edge trim, or sponge rubber. You can order P-shaped, U-shaped, or E-shaped extrusions, too. In addition, Elasto Proxy provides locking, self-locking and zipper profiles for window channels. For help selecting or ordering items, contact Elasto Proxy.

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