Value-added services for custom-fabricated products can increase your operational efficiency and reduce manufacturing waste. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates industrial products from rubber, plastic, metal, glass, and other materials. We also offer value-added services with benefits that you’ll enjoy across your organization, from engineering to purchasing to operations.  

From design assistance, smarter sourcing, and production forecasting to parts marking, kitting, assembly packaging, warehousing, and laboratory testing, Elasto Proxy can help you to work more productively and avoid unnecessary costs. At a time when skilled employees are hard to find, have you considered what you could outsource to save time and money?

Keep reading to learn how we add value to what we make and let us know what you need.   

Design Review

Elasto Proxy can review your part designs and help you to avoid costly problems. For example, we’ll ask you about MTAP: material (M), temperature (T), application (A), and pressure (P). Elasto Proxy created this acronym to help guide customers during material selection.

Smarter Sourcing

Customers who issue Elasto Proxy a blanket purchase order can receive volume discounts on individual orders with lower minimum order quantities (MOQs). That’s because we’ll buy all of the materials that you need, store them in our warehouses, and then fabricate and ship your parts when you need them. This also reduces your risk of stockouts by mitigating supply chain risk.

Production Forecasting

If you issue Elasto Proxy blanket order and share your production forecast with us, we can upload your data to our enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Then, whether we release shipments on-demand or in response to your production forecast, you’ll conserve cash since you won’t have to pay until the products arrive.R

UV parts marking is better than labels that de-laminate or markers that rub off.

Parts Marking

Parts marking improves traceability, reduces picking errors, and saves time since employees won’t have to compare unknown parts to engineering drawings. Elasto Proxy marks parts with inkjet printing and drying with ultraviolet light (UV), and you can even include production information such as the manufacturing date.   


Kitting groups related parts together to create a new stocking unit (SKU). This reduces the number of SKUs you need to track and also reduces the number of skid spots in your warehouse. Elasto Proxy offers kitting services for components like molded automotive parts and serves customers at metal stamping and machining companies.

Assembly Packaging

Assembled packaging arranges parts in order of installation. When an installer opens the package, the part to install first is right on top. The part to install next is right below it, and so on. This speeds up assembly since workers won’t have to search for parts or wonder which part to install first.  Assembly packaging also eliminates confusion if there are similar-looking parts.  

kitting value-added services
Elasto Proxy can kit all of the parts you need for a build and even package them in order of installation.


Elasto Proxy can do more than store the materials you need for parts fabrication. Our warehousing services also include finished goods inventory. By storing your raw materials or finished goods in our warehouses rather than at your own facilities, you’ll free up valuable floor space for production. You’ll also reduce your need for shelving and internal inventory management.

Laboratory Testing

Elasto Proxy’s testing capabilities also add value to your custom-fabricated products. At our in-house laboratory, we can simulate various noise-control scenarios to help you select the right acoustic foams in the right combinations. We can also perform pull testing and determine tensile strength for industrial rubber products.

Value-Added Services That Do More

Elasto Proxy’s value-added services for custom-fabricated products can increase your operational efficiency and reduce your true costs. Now that you know what we provide, isn’t it time to let us know what you need?

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