Elasto Proxy provides warehousing and distribution for extruded and molded rubber products.  When you buy from us, you can leverage our volume discounts and avoid tying-up cash and losing floor space to excess inventory. You can also order all of the rubber parts that you need from a single supplier so that you have fewer vendors to manage, fewer purchase orders to issue, and fewer shipments to pay for. Elasto Proxy has four warehouses near major transportation corridors, so talk to our team ask for a quote.

Do you need more information first? Check out our warehousing and distribution case study below and look for our list of standard rubber products toward the end of this article. Remember, too, that Elasto Proxy is more than just a rubber distributor. We’re also a custom fabricator of engineered products that can help you to solve sealing challenges. Plus, we have over 30 years’ experience and are both ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D certified.  

Warehousing and Distribution Case Study

A mobile equipment manufacturer wanted to buy rubber products in higher volumes to get lower prices. However, the company did not want to tie-up cash on inventory that it would not need right way. The manufacturer also wanted to avoid losing floor space to shelving that could be used for profit-generating activities like vehicle assembly instead. Moreover, this value-driven company wanted to buy all of its rubber parts from a single vendor to reduce overhead and operational expenses.   

Today, the mobile equipment manufacturer issues Elasto Proxy a blanket purchase order based on its sales forecasts. This PO covers six rubber products and includes monthly releases. Some of these products are standard extrusions like rubber coils, but others are custom molded parts. The order also includes large rolls of rubber floor matting. Elasto Proxy buys everything that the customer needs, stores the products at our warehouse, and maintains stock levels based on the company’s previous purchases.

This warehousing and distribution arrangement helps the mobile equipment manufacturer to save time and money. Instead of paying higher prices for lower volumes, the customer buys in bulk and gets a better unit price. Yet the manufacturer never buys more than it needs for the month. Until a monthly release occurs, Elasto Proxy owns and warehouses the rubber products. The manufacturer avoids tying-up cash in excess inventory and can dedicate more floor space to assembly instead of shelving.

Because the manufacturer buys six rubber products from Elasto Proxy, the company can consolidate its vendor list. For procurement managers, this means that there is only one vendor instead of six to track. For buyers, issuing a single PO to a single vendor is all that’s needed for a year’s worth of rubber products. Then, because Elasto Proxy ships all six rubber products together, the customer pays only one freight charge instead of six. There’s only one shipment to receive and one invoice to pay, too.

Standard Rubber Products

Elasto Proxy specializes in low-to-medium volumes of industrial rubber products for sealing and insulation. Over the years, we have shipped more than 40,000,000 feet (12192 meters) of materials and more than 7,500,000 fabricated parts to fulfill 43,000+ orders. Customers value the service that we provide and like our short lead times and low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Here is some standard rubber products that we offer with warehousing and distribution.

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