Elasto Proxy supplies silicone edge trim to manufacturers. Contact us to place an order, or read our Edge Trim Guide or watch the video below. 

Edge trim is used to protect personnel, vehicles, machinery, and equipment. To help the rubber seal absorb impact, these industrial rubber products can contain either wire cores or segmented steel cores. Rubber edging is designed to be pushed into place over a flange.

Silicone edge trim is used in applications that require low toxicity, low chemical reactivity, and thermal stability over a wide temperature range. Examples include food and beverage processing, medical, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary or hygienic applications.

The silicones that are used in these trim seals can be specially-formulated to impart particular properties and are available in FDA approved silicone sponge and USP Class VI grades. If you need custom edge trim or other specialized industrial rubber products, you can leverage the power of our supplier network to source materials. 

Elasto Proxy is a rubber fabricator and distributor that provides manufacturers with low-to-medium volumes of edge trim made of silicone rubber and other materials. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with over 30 years experience and offer a variety of value-added services. 

Contact Elasto Proxy to discuss your application or place an order.

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