Elasto Proxy supplies vibration mounts and rubber-to-metal bonded products for industrial machinery and mobile equipment. Vibration mounts, or isolation mounts, protect assets such as tanks, pumps, or chassis from damaging or dangerous vibrations produced by engines, generators, or motors. These anti-vibration mounts require rubber-to-metal bonding, a process that’s also used to produce engine, electrical panel, and bushing mounts as well as stainless steel leveling casters and machine leveling feet.

Contact Elasto Proxy if you need to buy vibration mounts or other rubber-to-metal bonded products in low-to-medium volume quantities for your annual sales forecasts. Elasto Proxy can buy in larger volumes for volume discounts and then store parts in our warehouses for periodic distribution. Because we’re a full-service rubber distributor and gasket fabricator, Elasto Proxy also sells extruded rubber products like sponge profiles and bulb trim and can provide you with door seals and thermal or acoustic insulation.            

Rubber-to-Metal Bonding for Vibration Isolation Mounts

Rubber-to-metal bonding is a manufacturing process that molds and chemically bonds a rubber material to a metal surface. It involves elastomer selection, metal surface preparation, the choice of a specialized adhesive, and a rubber molding process such as injection, compression, or transfer molding. During rubber-to-metal bonding, rubber vulcanization and adhesive curing occur at the same time. Although chemical bonds are strong, some products may include a mechanical locking mechanism.

In a vibration mount, the rubber acts like a spring and absorbs vibrational energy. Isolation mounts that use natural rubber are suitable for most industrial applications; however, neoprene rubber provides oil resistance and is recommended when there is oil immersion. The metal in a vibration mount is usually a threaded rod or sleeve that allows the finished product to be installed on machinery or equipment, such as a hydro vac truck. To withstand harsh environments, the metal may require chemical pre-treatment.

How to Buy Vibration Mounts

Vibration mounts come in many standard sizes and styles. Custom products are also available. To buy the right isolation mounts, choose a vendor that understands loads and can provide you with test results for the products that you need. Otherwise, you risk buying parts that will fail in the field and take assets out of service. Also, make sure that your engineering team has specified the maximum load that must be supported, the number of mounts that will support the load, and the vibration frequency or frequencies.  

Elasto Proxy can supply you with vibration mounts that are backed by test data for both the tools and samples. We can also provide you with documentation if you require every lot to be tested. Because we have long-term relationships with trusted suppliers both in North America and overseas, you can leverage our supply chain and remove risk from your own. With commodity parts, you can save time and money by issuing us a blanket P.O. and then receiving monthly or quarterly releases of the quantities you need.    

Emerging Anti-Vibration Products

Elasto Proxy is also developing a new anti-vibration product that uses a special pour-in-place polyurethane foam with a threaded metal insert. This polyurethane foam combines high cut and tear resistance with good acoustic insulation and the effective absorption of high cycle vibrations. This emerging anti-vibration product will deliver long-lasting performance in hard-to-reach locations where replacing vibration isolation mounts is problematic.

Elasto Proxy’s emerging anti-vibration solution will also support the three most common anti-vibration shapes:

  • cylindrical mounts for structure-borne noise
  • conical mounts for engines and transmissions
  • bushing mounts for agricultural equipment and industrial machinery.

Contact Elasto Proxy for assistance with your anti-vibration application, or to request a quote for one of the many standard vibration mounts we can source for you today.

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