Hydro vac truck parts include rubber gaskets and other fabricated rubber products that provide sealing and insulation. They’re installed in hydro vac trucks, excavation equipment that uses a stream of pressurized water to remove soil or dirt and a vacuum system to transfer debris into a tank.

Known as hydro excavation, this process is a safe, non-destructive alternative to digging, which can damage pipes and other underground utilities. Vacuum trucks also provide access to depths and tight spaces in places that digging equipment can’t reach.

Applications for hydro excavator trucks include:

  • Locating underground utilities
  • Exposing broken water lines
  • Cleaning sewers and wastewater systems
  • Potholing or daylighting for test holes
  • Maintaining oil and gas pipelines
  • Remote and cold weather digging

Hydro vac trucks are equipped with powerful vacuum systems, dust separators, pumps, blowers, and rust-free water tanks. They may also have a heater for unthawing frozen ground. Many of the major systems on a vac truck are made of metal, but hydro vac truck parts also include rubber components for sealing and insulation. The following sections describe some common types of these rubber parts.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Vibration mounts or anti-vibration mounts are molded rubber products that attach to vac tanks with a threaded metal fastener. They are rated for specific load capacities, such as 3,000 pounds per axle. The rubber in a vibration mount acts as a spring and absorbs energy. Rubber-to-metal bonding is required. The rubber in an anti-vibration mount can be black EPDM, but silicones in custom colors are also used.

Bumpers and Mud or Debris Flaps

Rubber truck bumpers are made of impact-resistant rubber provides protection from damage caused by low-speed collisions or low-force impacts. These solid rubber products include holes with embedded washers that accommodate standard fasteners. Rubber mud flaps protect vacuum trucks against flying debris. Rubber debris flaps are used inside the vac tank itself.

Access-Hole Gaskets

Access-hole gaskets fit the tank covers on hydro vac trucks. These rubber seals are sometimes called manhole gaskets, manway gaskets, or vent gaskets instead. Access-hole gaskets are fabricated from bulb trim into specific shapes and sizes. These hydro vac truck parts provide a positive seal so that the debris a vacuum truck captures isn’t released onto roadways.

Anti-Slip Grip Tapes

Anti-slip grip tapes provide secure footing for workers who step onto part of the hydro vac truck body to gain an elevated position. These anti-slip tapes are also used on service trucks and have a textured, high-friction surface and are made of a durable rubber materials such as vinyl. Anti-skid safety tapes can also withstand outdoor conditions such as snow and ice.

Floor Mats and Acoustic Insulation

Rubber floor mats for hydro vac trucks protect metal flooring and help reduce slip-and-fall hazards. They can have recessed features and cut-outs for brake and gas pedals. Rubber floor mats reduce road noise in the truck cab, but acoustic insulation is also needed for the tanks on vacuum trucks. This tank insulation is fabricated from acoustical foams that provide sound absorption or sound dampening.

Window Gaskets and D-Shaped Door Seals

Window gaskets are hydro vac truck parts that provide a secure environmental seal between stationary glass and a body panel. They’re either self-locking or have a key. Vacuum truck door seals are fabricated from D-shaped rubber profiles. Lengths of rubber are cut and spliced to form an endless gasket. These D-seals need to resist compression set and provide positive sealing action.

Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses are molded rubber parts that serve as conduits or connectors in vacuum truck systems. They can have fiber or metal wire reinforcements and liner materials. Product categories include straight silicone hoses, hump hoses, and wrapped hoses. Hump hoses can compensate for slight misalignments between pipes or tubes. Wrapped hoses provide enhanced pressure resistance. 

Hydro Vac Truck Parts for OEMs and MROs

To promote efficiency and protect personnel and equipment, OEMs and MROs need rubber products that optimize hydro vac truck performance. They also want expert manufacturing that adds value, single-sourcing that offers convenience, and dependable on-time deliveries. Elasto Proxy provides these and other services for the vacuum truck parts that you need.

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