Elasto Proxy is a rubber products distributor that keeps hundreds of extrusions in stock at strategically-located warehouses in Canada, the United States, and Europe. We can also supply you with molded rubber parts, including rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies and lined rubber products. In addition, because Elasto Proxy is also a rubber fabricator, we can supply you with bonded gaskets and thermal, acoustic, or thermal-acoustic insulation that is laminated together and waterjet cut.

Partnering with Elasto Proxy saves manufacturers time and money. If you issue us a blanket purchase order, we can buy rubber products in large quantities, store them in our warehouses, and then release shipments to you on-demand or according to your sales forecast. You’ll get the benefits of higher-volume discounts with lower-volume orders, and you won’t have to tie up cash or floor space with rubber that you’re not ready to use. Buying all of your rubber products from us helps with vendor consolidation as well. 

Keep reading to learn more and contact us if you need a rubber products distributor that does more.

rubber extrusions | silicone seals
Elasto Proxy keeps hundreds of rubber extrusions in stock. Let us know what you need.

Rubber Extrusions

Elasto Proxy is a rubber products distributor that can supply you with these types of rubber extrusions:

  • bulb trim seals
  • dual durometer rubber
  • edge trim
  • industrial tubing
  • solid profiles
  • sponge profiles
  • weather stripping
  • window channels

The following sections describe these products.

Bulb Trim Seals

Bulb trim, or trim seals, have separate bulb and retainer (trim) sections. The trim fits over or attaches to a substrate and the bulb compresses to provide sealing and insulation. The bulb and trim sections have different durometers, or hardness, and can be made of different materials (i.e., coextrusions). 

Dual Durometer Rubber

Dural durometer rubber includes bulb trim seals, window channels, and other products with areas of different hardness. Dual durometer extrusions can use two different materials, each with a different hardness, and they can use both solid rubber and sponge rubber materials.

Edge Trim

Edge trim is used to finish and protect exposed metal edges while providing sealing and insulation. This type of industrial rubber product pushes into place over a flange and can have integral tongues for added gripping. Edge trim can also have wire or segmented steel cores for greater impact resistance.   

Industrial Tubing

Industrial tubing can be used for fluid transfer or for low compression force sealing and shock absorption. These soft, bendable tubes can also be cut to size for tube rings. Plus, rubber tubes won’t rust and are lighter weight than metal tubing.    

Solid Profiles

Solid rubber profiles combine sealing and insulation with greater impact resistance than sponge rubber profiles can provide. Solid profiles aren’t limited to higher durometers, but harder extrusions can repel applied forces and sudden impacts. Elasto Proxy also stocks solid profiles in low to medium durometers.

Sponge Profiles

Sponge rubber profiles combine sealing and insulation with greater cushioning than solid rubber profiles can provide. Sponge profiles have a cellular structure with interconnected pockets that can either hold fluids (including air) or permit its passage. High, low, and medium durometer products are available.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is installed between two surfaces, such as a door and door jamb, to prevent the flow of gases or liquids. Typically, these rubber products are made of closed-cell foams. Weather stripping from Elasto Proxy can come with a peel-and-stick adhesive tape for ease of insulation.

Window Channels

Window channels, or glass run channels, are used for sealing windows, mainly in automotive and heavy equipment applications. These extruded rubber products are designed to accommodate a specific width of glass and provide environmental sealing along with a degree of thermal-acoustic insulation.

molded rubber parts
Elasto Proxy can supply all of the rubber products that you need, including molded parts. Let us know what you're looking for.

Molded Rubber Parts

Elasto Proxy is a rubber products distributor that can supply you with molded rubber parts, including rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies and lined rubber products. Examples include:

  • anti-vibration mounts
  • bumpers
  • grommets
  • inflatable seals
  • rubber floor matting
  • rubber sheeting
  • silicone connectors
  • rubber hose clamps

The following sections explain.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts (vibration mounts, isolation mounts) prevent the transmission of noise, shock, and vibration. They feature rubber-to-metal bonding and attach with a threaded metal fastener. The rubber acts as a spring and absorbs energy that can damage mechanical systems. 


Rubber bumpers protect vehicles, equipment, and loading docks from damage caused by low-speed collisions and low-speed impacts. They are easy to install with standard metal fasteners such as screws, bolts, and washers. 


Grommets are molded rubber products through which wires or cables are fed. They are installed in holes within panels and are usually shaped like rings or eyelets. Elasto Proxy can also supply you with custom grommets that are flanged, collared, or horseshoe-shaped.

Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals are filled with air and expand to provide sealing when necessary. These rubber products then contract, or deflate, when sealing is no longer required. Inflatable seals can be reinforced with fabric or fiberglass for greater abrasion and wear resistance.

Rubber Floor Matting

Rubber floor matting is used to protect surfaces from dirt, mud, spills, and stains. Rubber floor mats can also be used to reduce slip-and-fall hazards and to promote comfort for employees who would otherwise have to stand on hard surfaces, such as concrete floors, for long periods of time.  

Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting can be molded or calendared, a mechanical process that presses rubber together with textiles to form composite sheets. These industrial rubber products can be made of sponge or solid rubber and come in different thicknesses. Rubber sheets are also available as laminates or with adhesives applied. 

Silicone Connectors

Silicone connectors are molded rubber products that connect pipes and tubes, typically on electric vehicles and heavy equipment. Types include silicone elbows, silicone reducers, straight hoses, hump hoses, and wrapped hoses. These molded rubber products can include fabric, wire, or liner materials.

Rubber Hose Clamps

Rubber hose clamps are engine components that have recessed nut-and-bolt holes so that there’s no exposed metal after they’re assembled. Rubber hose clamps can also provide cushioning to help protect the joint from movement.

Elasto Proxy is the Rubber Products Distributor for Manufacturers

Elasto Proxy is a rubber products distributor that keeps hundreds of standard extruded profiles in stock. We can also source the molded rubber parts that you need, either from our overseas suppliers or domestically. You’ll save time and money when you work with us, so let us know what you need.

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