What’s your company’s on-time delivery rate? If you’re like most manufacturers, you’re watching this number closely and always looking for ways to improve. Elasto Proxy, a rubber fabricator and distributor, can offer you nearly 100% on-time delivery when you share your production forecast with us. Through stronger supplier communication and automated procurement, you’ll also achieve additional business benefits. Contact us to get started or keep reading to learn about how to get nearly 100% on-time delivery.

Production Forecasting

Production forecasting is about estimating future demand for the goods you’ll produce and everything that you’ll need to make them. Whether you forecast based on historical trends, seasonal patterns, or business cycles, looking into the future can help you to manage inventory levels, reduce costs, optimize transportation logistics, and increase customer satisfaction. Forecasting can also help you to schedule production activities for greater agility, flexibility, and transparency across your organization.

As important as production forecasting has become, many manufacturers still struggle to maintain optimal inventory levels. The effects can range from stock-outs and production bottlenecks to expensive air freight and lost business opportunities. By sharing your production forecast with Elasto Proxy, you can get the industrial rubber products that you need while reducing these business risks. Sharing your forecast with us also means we can order raw materials on your behalf more cost-effectively.

Supplier Communication

Supplier communication has always been important, but it’s been mission-critical during COVID-19. During the height of the pandemic, manufacturers need to know if their suppliers were still operational and, if so, to what extent. Some suppliers closed completely, others ran at reduced capacity, and still others couldn’t fill orders because their own vendors were in lockdown. At the same time, many manufacturers pivoted during the pandemic and needed to buy materials that they’d never purchased before.   

The future looks brighter as COVID vaccines become increasingly available, but manufacturers still need to inoculate their supply chains against future disruptions. In addition to communicating your production forecast, it’s worth sharing your pain points and plans for the future. Through stronger communications, you may discover supplier capabilities that you didn’t know existed. For example, Elasto Proxy doesn’t just distribute and fabricate rubber products. We also offer value-added services such as warehousing.  

Procurement Automation

Procurement automation is the third and final key to getting nearly 100% on-time delivery. By using digital technology instead of manual purchasing methods, your business can increase speed, efficiency, control, and visibility. You’ll reduce internal costs and be in good company, too. According to the American Productivity and Quality Center’s Open Standards Benchmarking in Procurement report, 82% of organizations are now using some form electronic procurement.

With Elasto Proxy, automated procurement doesn’t mean that you’ll need to purchase expensive software or hire high-priced developers. Instead, you can send us spreadsheets with your production forecasts. We’ll then massage the data so that it flows into our material resource planning (MRP) system and other internal tools. At a time when many manufacturers are re-evaluating everything, isn’t it time for your company to look for ways to get greater value from your suppliers?  

Get Nearly 100% On-Time Delivery with Elasto Proxy

Rubber and plastic parts might seem like commodity products, but Elasto Proxy isn’t a commodity company. Instead, we’re a manufacturing partner that can help you to solve business challenges. Ask us about how to get nearly 100% on-time delivery, how to reduce freight costs, and how we can help you to reduce manufacturing waste. Our experienced solutions providers can also tell you about the key business trends for 2021 and deliver greater value both now and in the future.

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