Elasto Proxy supplies generator and genset manufacturers with cylinder vibration mounts. These rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies prevent the transmission of vibrations that can decrease product performance, shorten service life, and result in unexpected downtime and costly repairs. By isolating the source of the vibration, these devices also reduce shock and noise. 

Basic Design

Cylinder vibration mounts have a cylindrical steel body that’s molded over with rubber except at the ends (i.e., the bases). A threaded hole on each end is designed to accommodate a fastener. The threads in these holes are described as male or female. Male threads screw into female threads, and the entire connection is designed to withstand vibrations without loosening.   

Each end of a cylindrical vibration mount has a hole for a threaded fastener. Typically, the cylinder mount attaches to a metal frame.

How They Work

The rubber in a cylinder vibration mount is resilient. It absorbs vibrational energy, dissipates this energy in small amounts of heat, and then returns to its original shape and size. Typically, natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM, or silicone rubber are used. The steel cylinder provides structural support, but some bobbin-style vibration mounts have non-cylindrical shapes instead. 

generator parts
The parts of a generator. The combination of the engine and the generator is the genset. Image: bigrentz.com

Where They’re Used

Cylinder vibration mounts isolate the engine, which supplies mechanical energy, and the alternator, which produces the electrical output, from the rest of the system. Typically, they’re attached to the metal frame that supports and stabilizes the generator. Vibration isolators are also used between the entire unit and its mounting platform.  

Types of Products

Elasto Proxy provides various types of vibration isolators to generator and genset manufacturers. Keep reading to learn more or contact us for a quote. When you need to protect people and equipment from noise and vibration, Elasto Proxy has the products you’re looking for.  

Male-Male Cylinder Vibration Mounts

Male Male Cylinder Vibration MountMale-male cylinder vibration mounts have male threads and fasteners on both sides of the device. These fasteners protrude from each end but can have different dimensions (e.g., 6-32, M4X.7). Along with thread types and stud lengths, product specifications include vibration mount height and outer diameter, rubber material, and the rubber’s durometer.

Male-Female Cylinder Vibration Mounts

Male Female Cylinder Vibration MountMale-female cylinder vibration mounts have a male thread and fastener on one side of the mount and a female thread on the other. Unlike male-to-male mounts, there’s only a protruding threaded fastener on one side of the device. In addition to the length of this stud, product specifications include thread types, height and outer diameter, rubber material, and durometer. 

Female-Female Cylinder Vibration Mounts

Female Female Cylinder Vibration MountFemale-female cylinder vibration mounts have female threads on each side of the device, and without fasteners that protrude from either end. The threaded holes in these vibration isolators can use the same size thread, or two different thread sizes. Overall product specifications include the height of the cylinder and its outer diameter, and the type of rubber material its durometer. 

Other Types of Vibration Isolators

Hex Vibration IsolatorElasto Proxy also supplies many other types of vibration isolators. Examples include hexagonal devices with male or female threads. Hex vibration isolators carry A, B, D, and D dimensions and are specified by load and stiffness. Elasto Proxy can also supply you with center bounded rubber mounts for vibration isolation if you need them. 

Choose Anti-Vibration Mounts from Elasto Proxy

Elasto Proxy is your one-stop shop for NVH solutions and more. In addition to vibration isolators, we provide generator and genset manufacturers with door gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, and molded and rubber and plastic parts. Imagine getting everything you need from a single vendor who also offers added-value services such as kitting and custom packaging.

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