Elasto Proxy supplies the heavy equipment industry with center-bonded rubber mounts for vibration isolation. These rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies prevent the transmission of vibrations from a source such as an engine to another part of the equipment such an operator cab. By isolating the source of the vibration from the rest of the system, they also reduce noise and shock.

This two-piece anti-vibration mount from Elasto Proxy resists high-shock loads.

How They Work

Center-bonded rubber mounts generally consist of a steel tube that’s molded over with rubber. Bell-shaped and rectangular mounts are also available. Because the rubber in a vibration isolator is resilient, it returns to its original size and shape after absorbing vibrational energy and dissipating it as small amounts of heat. The steel tube, bell, or rectangle provides structural support.

Where They’re Used

Heavy equipment manufacturers use center-bonded rubber mounts to reduce vibrations from engines, pumps, compressors, and exhaust systems. These anti-vibration mounts isolate vibrations in every direction and attach with fasteners and washers through drilled holes in baseplates. In flexible engine mounting systems, support brackets may be used.

Types of Products

Elasto Proxy provides different types of center-bonded rubber mounts for heavy equipment that’s used in forestry, mining, construction, agriculture, military, and other applications. Keep reading to learn more or contact us to request a quote. When you need to protect people and equipment from noise and vibration, Elasto Proxy has the products you’ve been looking for.   

Vibration Mounts
Center-bonded vibration mounts usually feature a steel tube with molded-over rubber.

One-Piece Center-Bonded Rubber Mounts

one-piece center-bonded rubber mountOne-piece center-bonded rubber mounts combine stability and resiliency with resistance to high-shock loads. Their single-piece construction makes them easy to install, and these vibration isolators are available with neoprene rubber for oil, fuel, and solvent resistance. Installing these devices with upper and lower washers creates a fail-safe mechanism for the supported load.

Two-Piece Center-Bonded Rubber Mounts

two-piece center-bonded rubber mountTwo-piece center-bonded rubber mounts are designed for heavy-duty applications where there are dynamic forces in multiple directions. These dumbbell shaped devices restrict vertical movements in the up and down directions while also providing excellent horizontal stability. In addition to heavy equipment, applications include compressors and generators.  

Three-Piece Center-Bonded Rubber Mounts

three-piece center-bonded rubber mountThree-piece center-bonded rubber mounts absorb shock in all directions or planes. Compared to one-piece and two-piece mounts, they have a lower radial stiffness for greater radial play. Like the other types of vibration isolators that Elasto Proxy offers, these devices are easy-to-install and help prevent vibrations that originate in the engine bay from traveling to the operator cab.

This center-bonded vibration mount is bell-shaped rather than dumbbell-shaped.

Other Types of Vibration Isolators

Elasto Proxy also supplies many other types of vibration isolators. For example, bell-shaped mounts have a broad, flat top surface with a degree of stiffness that restricts motion in all directions of the horizontal plane. Rectangular mounts consist of rubber that’s sandwiched between two metal plates, each of which provides different levels of stiffness in multiple directions of loading.   

Choose Anti-Vibration Mounts from Elasto Proxy

For the heavy equipment industry, Elasto Proxy is your one-stop shop for rubber and plastic products. In addition to vibration isolators, we provide manufacturers with door and window gaskets, thermal and acoustic insulation, and molded and rubber and plastic parts. Image getting everything you need from a single vendor who also offers added-value services such as kitting and custom packaging.

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