Elasto Proxy, a leading supplier of sealing and insulation, will attend STIQ’s Buyer/Supplier Day, Quebec’s largest gathering of manufacturers, on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in Montreal. Representatives from our Boisbriand, Quebec headquarters will meet with OEMs, integrators, and prime contractors from industries that include transportation, aerospace, defense and security, and energy. Through one-on-one speed meetings, participants can make dozens of business connections in a single day.

The event’s sponsor, Sous-traitance industrielle Québec (STIC), is a multi-industry association of Quebec-based manufacturers who want to strengthen their supply chains. Since its founding in 1987, STIC has sponsored 16 previous Buyer/Supplier Day events that have attracted over 5,150 participants and resulted in over 10,000 business meetings. For OEMs, integrators, and prime contractors, this year’s event is a valuable and timely opportunity to increase or improve outsourcing for greater operational efficiency.    

Fabrication and Distribution

Since our founding in 1989, Elasto Proxy has served over 2,000 customers through both distribution and fabrication. Along with ready-to-install products like custom seals and gaskets, we fabricate thermal, acoustic, and thermal-acoustic insulation. We also supply coils of rubber, cut lengths, and other ready-to-fabricate materials to companies that need our distribution services instead. In addition, Elasto Proxy supplies molded products and can custom-fabricate parts from non-rubber materials, including metal.

At our Montreal-area headquarters, Elasto Proxy uses water jet cutting to fabricate low-to-medium volumes of parts with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Customers never have to wait for or pay for tooling, and our computer-controlled equipment supports part nesting and can cut multiple sheets at one time. Whether you need pure waterjet or abrasive water jet cutting, you’ll like the look of precision-cut parts with features such as smooth edges, chamfered angles, notches, and holes for fasteners.

In addition to water jet cutting, Elasto Proxy performs bonding, taping, and lamination. We offer a choice of gasket bonding methods, and can tape your seals, gaskets, and insulation for parts that arrive ready-to-install. At a time when workers are hard to find, companies their leverage these services can then direct their own employees toward higher-value tasks. With our lamination services, we can build sandwich-style insulation that’s designed to meet your specific requirements for managing heat and/or noise. 

Value-Added Services

Elasto Proxy is more than a fabricator, however. Because we’re also a distributor, we can store your materials in our Montreal-area warehouse, or at one of our other facilities. This lets you conserve floor space and save on shelving units, but the benefits don’t end there. Companies that share their production forecasts and issue Elasto Proxy a blanket purchase order can buy materials in bulk and enjoy volume discounts. But you won’t have to pay for materials until you receive them, enabling you to conserve cash.   

For buyers, the benefits of doing business our value-added services include vendor consolidation, kitting, and custom packaging. When you buy rubber and plastic products from multiple vendors, there’s more paperwork to manage, including vendor scorecards. Through one-stop shopping with Elasto Proxy, however, you can simplify your supply chain while also strengthening it. We can even kit related parts together, or custom package them in order of installation.

Elasto Proxy is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified manufacturer that also holds a Controlled Goods Certificate for military projects. For OEMs and prime contractors who are part of Canada’s defense supply chain, we can also help you to strengthen your Value Proposition under Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy (ITB VP). Defense and security is one of the many markets that we serve, and Elasto Proxy also works with OEMs and primes in the heavy equipment industry.

See You at STIQ?

Will we see you at STIQ’s Buyer/Supplier Day on October 26th? If you plan to attend, we invite you to meet with us. Of course, we also invite you to contact us for help with sealing and insulation challenges that just can’t wait.

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