Elasto Proxy will exhibit at CANSEC 2023, Canada’s largest defense and security tradeshow, from May 31 to June 1 at the EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Meet us in Booth #909 and learn how we supply sealing and insulation solutions to the defense industry. Clyde Sharpe, General Manager, will be joined by Roberto Naccarato, Sales and Marketing Manager, and Marc Gyselinck, Branch Manager.

Visitors to the Elasto Proxy booth will experience a virtual reality (VR) demonstration that’s both fun and informative. If you’d like to set up a meeting with our team, we invite you to contact us. Elasto Proxy has recently added abrasive water jet equipment that complements our pure water jet-cutting capabilities, and we’d welcome the opportunity to share additional details with you.

waterjet cutting
Elasto Proxy uses water jet cutting and abrasive water jet cutting.

From Cold War to New Challenges

Since our founding in 1989, Elasto Proxy has been a valued member of the Canadian defense industry. Our first customer, Atlantic Defense Industries, deployed our seals on the boom hoist for a ten-ton military truck. Since then, we’ve won numerous defense-related contracts for projects in Canada and the United States. Today, we’re strengthening the defense supply chain during a time of new challenges.  

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to supporting defense contractors and subcontractors who need a trusted partner with a proven commitment to quality. Elasto Proxy is a registered member of the Controlled Goods Program (CGP) and we’ve long been a member of the Canadian Defense and Security Industry (CADS), which organizes CANSEC. We’re also ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D certified.

military vehicle
Military vehicles require reliable sealing and insulation.

Military Seals, Gaskets, and Insulation

Elasto Proxy fabricates and distributes a wide range of rubber and plastic products for military applications. Whether you need coils, cut lengths, or finished gaskets, we have the sealing solutions that you need. We can also help you to insulate military vehicles against heat and noise, or leverage our logistics to supply you with molded parts.

Examples of what we can provide include:

  • Gaskets for vehicle doors, windows, and hatches
  • Seals for generator sets and amphibious equipment
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation for engine bays and cabins
  • Vibration mounts and EMI shielding for sensitive electronics
  • Personal protection pads for confined spaces such as tanks
  • Molded parts for partitions and push-button tents

From our headquarters near Montreal Quebec to our facilities in Newmarket, Ontario; Simpsonville, South Carolina (USA); and Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, Elasto Proxy combines the power of distribution and fabrication with the added-value services that the defense industry needs. In addition to skilled manufacturing, we provide design assistance, material selection, kitting, custom packaging, and warehousing services.

thermal acoustic insulation types
Elasto Proxy provides thermal, acoustic, and thermal-acoustic insulation for military vehicles.

Much More Than a Parts Provider

Elasto Proxy doesn’t just make parts. We solve sealing and insulation challenges. For example, when a manufacturer of military vehicles needed to replace a leaky hatch seal, our technical team identified a rubber foam that wouldn’t over-compress. Our skilled production personnel then cut lengths of this material to size and used film splicing to create high-quality hatch seals.

Custom seals aren’t all that we make for the defense industry, however. The diesel engines in military vehicles run hot and loud, so thermal-acoustic insulation is essential. By creating insulation “sandwiches” from layers of elastomeric materials, Elasto Proxy helps to protect personnel and equipment. This custom insulation meets flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards and withstands vehicle wash-downs. Today, we’re flying higher than ever.

military helicopters
Elasto Proxy’s AS 9100D certification means new horizons in military aviation.

Added-Value Solutions for the Defense Industry

Are you looking for a manufacturing partner that can do more? Whether you’re starting a new program or  seeking to stabilize your supply chain, talk to our team at CANSEC 2023. Visit Elasto Proxy in Booth 909 and let us know if you’d like to set up a meeting.    

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