Elasto Proxy supplies UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber as coils, cut lengths, and finished gaskets. The extrusions that we distribute and the cut lengths and finished gaskets that we fabricate combine environmental sealing with resistance to horizontal burning. Applications include electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations, data centers, solar panels, and instrument panels.

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UL Yellow Card for Proven Flame Resistance

The UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber (EP-60020-FR) that Elasto Proxy supplies has a UL Yellow Card. Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) defines the UL 94 HB standard and performs rigorous materials testing. This third-party certification is globally recognized.

The data below is from our UL Yellow Card for a 5.7 mm sample of EP-60020-FR  that is black in color.



Test Method

Flammability Properties




ISO/IEC Flammability Properties



IEC 60695-11-10

Thermal Properties

Relative Thermal Index – Electrical Strength


UL 746B

Relative Thermal Index – Mechanical Impact


UL 746B

Relative Thermal Index – Mechanical Strength


UL 746B

ul yellow card
Elasto Proxy's material has a UL Yellow Card.

Standard and Custom Flame-Retardant Profiles

Elasto Proxy offers a standard UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber product, EC28-101-EM, for panels that are 3.175 mm (0.125 inch) thick. This medium-durometer bulb trim is made from EP-60020-FR and reinforced with a spring steel clip for greater impact resistance.

We can also supply you with custom extrusions of EP-60020-FR that come in other shapes and sizes. The minimum economic order quantity is 762 meters (2500 feet), and it take about eight weeks for a custom die and sample.

Distribution and Fabrication 

Elasto Proxy is a distributor of rubber coils and a fabricator of cut lengths and finished gaskets.

  • As a distributor, we can ship you coils of UL 94 HB EPDM sponge that you cut to length and, optionally, splice into finished gaskets.
  • As a fabricator, we can send you cut lengths that you bond yourself, or finished gaskets that arrive at your facility ready to install.

Does outsourced fabrication seem expensive? Then consider your true costs.

  • Include all the material that you use along with labor and overhead (such as storage).
  • Remember to include the cost of material waste and rework. Specialty materials cost more than commodity rubber, so it’s especially important to track this.
  • There’s also an opportunity cost if you’re asking a highly paid employee to cut and bond gaskets instead of performing their regular activities, such as welding.

Then think about value. Elasto Proxy uses water jet equipment to cut lengths of rubber with speed and precision. You’ll never have to wait for or pay for tooling. If you need finished gaskets, we offer a choice of bonding methods. You can also buy taped gaskets for easy peel-and-stick installation.

ul 94 hb epdm sponge
EC-28-101-EM is a standard profile that's made of UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber.

Applications for UL 94 HB EPDM Sponge Gaskets

UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber gaskets from Elasto Proxy are used in these and other applications.

EV Charging Stations

The high-voltage electricity that’s transferred between EV charging stations and EVs can cause fires. In North America, UL 94 HB is a commonly used flammability standard for EV charging couplers and for the aesthetic component of EV charger cabinets. 

Data Centers

In data centers, fires are caused by electrical failures, thermal runaway, inadequate maintenance, or human error. Most data centers use fire suppression systems that are water-based, and EPDM offers excellent resistance not only to water, but also to heat and steam. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels use rubber to fill the gaps between solar cells. EPDM resists sunlight, withstands tough weather conditions, and remains flexible in freezing temperatures. If defective panels, extreme weather events, or arc faults cause a fire, UL 94 HB EPDM can resist horizontal burning.

Instrument Enclosures

UL 94 HB gaskets are used in the plastic enclosures that house printed circuit boards (PCBs), electrical connectors, and DIN Rail mounted components for test equipment and medical and scientific instruments. Silicone is required for some applications, but EPDM rubber costs less.

Ask Elasto Proxy for UL 94 HB EPDM Sponge Rubber

Do you need coils, cut lengths, or finished gaskets made of flame-retardant rubber? Elasto has a UL Yellow Card for its UL 94 HB EPDM sponge rubber, EP-60020-FR, that we can supply in a standard extrusion, EC28-101-EM, or in custom extrusions. Whether you need distribution or fabrication services, we invite you to contact us.

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