Do you need sound absorber products for mobile equipment? Whether you design military vehicles, heavy trucks, or forestry equipment, you know that diesel engines can get pretty loud. The decibels from diesel powerplants can put an operator’s hearing at risk. High noise levels can also violate occupational health and safety standards.

Types of Sound Absorber Products

What are your options for better sound absorption  then? You can choose sound blockers or vibration dampers, but many equipment cabs use sound absorbers instead. As their name suggests, sound absorbers are designed to absorb unwanted sounds from noise sources like diesel engines. But did you know that these acoustical foams can be laminated to other specialized materials in a sandwich-like structure?

If you’re ready to examine your options, it’s time to ask for the Elasto Bag. Four of the samples you’ll receive are a sound absorbing foam that is laminated to facing materials for environmental resistance, increased acoustical performance, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. These sound absorber products also feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for easy peel-and-stick installation.

The Elasto Bag contains these sound absorber products:

  • SH-1000-54-PVTBL
  • SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM)
  • SH-1000-54-ZZUT
  • SH-2000-48-MEZT 

Remember, too, that Elasto Proxy can custom-fabricate sound absorber products for your specific application, such as a frequency or range of frequencies. At our manufacturing center near Montreal, we even have an in-house laboratory for acoustic testing and analysis.


SH1000-54-PVTBL is a sound absorber that sandwiches a thick layer of polyether or polyurethane foam between a PVC-coated fabric facing and a removable liner with PSA adhesive. The charcoal-colored facing material contains a series of small holes for enhanced noise control. The acoustic foam is tested to ASTM specifications and meets various flammability standards. Get the spec sheet.

SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM)

SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM) is an insulation sandwich that consists of a sound-absorbing foam bonded to a vinyl facing. The facing material contains small holes for enhanced acoustical properties and provides an attractive appearance for cabin interiors. For ease-of-insulation, SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM) features a removable liner with PSA adhesive. Get the spec sheet.


SH-1000-54-ZZUT consists of a sound-absorbing foam that’s heat-laminated to a urethane film or matte facing. These films and facings come in different colors and can provide resistance to moisture, dirt, and most petroleum products. For ease-of-installation, SH-1000-54-ZZUT can include a removable liner with PSA adhesive. Get the spec sheet. 


SH-2000-48-MEZT is a lightweight, fire-resistant melamine foam that can be combined with various facing materials and PSA liner. This open-cell foam combines high-temperature resistance with superior sound-absorbing properties. Facing materials like aluminum foil can reflect radiant heat and provide chemical resistance. This makes it a good choice for engine bays. Get the spec sheet.

Find Sound Absorber Products Now

Are you ready to find better sound absorber products solutions for mobile equipment? The easiest way to get started is to ask for the Elasto Bag, a sack-full of samples that you can see for yourself and hold in your hand. Each of the insulation samples you’ll receive demonstrates Elasto Proxy’s capabilities in water jet cutting and adhesive lamination, manufacturing techniques that save you time and money.

Water jet cutting makes fast, clean cuts without metal tooling. For quick-turn prototypes and low-to-medium volume production quantities, it’s more cost-effective than die cutting or even CNC knife cutting. Water jet cutting is also superior to hand cutting, which can result in uneven edges and significant material waste. With water jet cutting, you’ll maximize material yields and promote quality.

Elasto Proxy’s lamination capabilities are also an important part of the added value we provide. By laminating multiple materials into a sandwich-like structure, we can supply you with sound absorbers for better noise control that look great and withstand tough environments. To see some sample for yourself, ask for the Elasto Bag.  

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