Elasto Proxy supplies five types of rubber hoses to the heavy equipment and transportation industry.

  • Charge air hoses
  • Coolant hoses
  • Fuel hoses
  • Air intake hoses
  • Heater hoses

The following sections describe each type of rubber hose in detail. For additional information, including a video and downloadable guide, please see our Custom Silicone Connectors page.

Charge Air Hoses

Charge air hoses are used to connect the charge cooler inlet to a vehicle’s turbocharger or intercooler. They’re also used to connect the charge cooler inlet to the engine manifold. Charge air-cooler hoses, as these rubber products are known, must prevent the loss of air pressure even under the most extreme engine conditions. They have both a hot side and a cool side, each with product specifications.  

The hot side of a charge air hose is red or black in color and manufactured through wrapping, a process that also requires material preparation, vulcanizing, and cutting steps. Materials of construction include FKM/VMQ and AEM in 1, 2, or 4 ply. Unlike the liner, the middle and cover section of the hose may have an aramid fabric reinforcement. Working temperatures range from -40°C to around 250°C.

The cool side of a charge air-cooler hose is blue in color and produced through wrapping and/or extrusion. The range of working temperatures is narrower than on the hot side and spans -40°C to 170°C. The relative pressure, burst pressure at high temperature, inner diameter, and wall thickness are the same on both sides of the air cooler hose. Polyester fabric can be used to reinforce the middle and cover section. 

Coolant Hose | Custom Silicone Pipe Connectors
Coolant Hose from Elasto Proxy

Coolant Hoses

Coolant hoses are category of products that include upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses, and bypass hoses. They are designed to withstand heat, vibration, pressure, and chemicals while conducting coolant from the water pump to the heater. For more demanding applications, wrapped VMQ is the material of choice. For less demanding applications, lower-cost extruded EPDM is used instead.

Wrapped VMQ coolant hoses can have a 1-ply liner that is red in color. They can also have a 3-5 ply middle and cover section that’s blue in color and reinforced with polyester fabric. Extruded EPDM coolant hoses are usually black in color with a polyester reinforcement. Compared to EPDM coolant hoses, VMQ coolant hoses have a broader range of working temperatures and a higher burst pressure.

Fuel Hoses

Fuel hoses are used throughout a vehicle’s fueling system, which includes the fuel supply pipe, fuel return line, and fuel pressure regulator. Typically, these rubber hoses are extruded from NBR/PVC, FKM/AEM, or FKM/ECO. For all of these materials, the lowest working temperature is -40°C. The highest working temperature is 100°C for NBR/PVC, 140°C for FKM/ECO, and 170°C for FKM/AEM.

Air Intake Hoses

Air intake hoses send a controlled stream of air to the engine. They need to maintain proper pressure and be free from debris that can degrade engine performance. These rubber hoses are usually made of EPDM, CM, or CR and do not have reinforcements. They have both a clean side and a dirty side; however, they lack positive pressure. Compression and injection molding are used to manufacture these hoses. 

Custom Heater Hose with Liner Material and Reinforcing Metal Rings
Heater Hose from Elasto Proxy

Heater Hoses

Heater hoses are used to transfer excess heat from the engine to the heater core, the small radiator that provides heat to the cabin. They are smaller than other types of rubber hoses but must still withstand coolant chemicals. Depending on the application, either VMQ or EPDM may be used. Both materials have a minimum working temperature of 40°C; however, VMQ has a higher working temperature (170°C)  than EPDM (125°C).

Rubber Hoses and More from Elasto Proxy

Elasto Proxy is the best one-stop shop for all of the rubber and plastic parts that the heavy equipment and transportation industry needs. Along with cut lengths, finished gaskets, and thermal, acoustic, and thermal-acoustic insulation, we supply molded plastic parts, molded rubber parts, and rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies. Our kitting and custom packaging services also promote greater efficiency.

Whether you need plastic pipes or dust shields, rubber seal strips, or rubber metal-suspension parts, Elasto Proxy can help you get the job done . Plus, with our network of strategically located warehouses, we can store everything for you – and for months at a time. Just send us your sales forecast and a blanket purchase order with release dates. We’ll take care of the rest.

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