Mobile Equipment InsulationMobile equipment insulation absorbs sound and deflects heat, helping to keep drivers and operators safe and comfortable. Materials of construction vary, but generally include foams, foils, and facings. For mobile equipment manufacturers, the process of cutting, assembling, and installing thermal insulation and acoustic insulation can result in material waste and concerns about product quality. Manufacturers risk losing sight of their true costs, and potential buyers may notice imperfections in cab and vehicle interiors.

Manufacturing Costs and Quality

Buyers who closely examine a product’s details can draw positive or negative conclusions about overall quality. Door seals that are bonded properly make a good first impression. So does cab insulation that’s cleanly cut and neatly installed. Insulation that’s cut from a template with a utility knife or a box cutter may seem cost-effective, but do potential buyers see uneven cuts and gaps between parts? How much material gets scrapped when installers struggle to make straight or chamfered cuts?

For that matter, does your purchasing manager know the cost of this material waste? Does your operations manager understand how much time is spent on rework? These costs can add up, but mobile equipment manufacturers have other concerns, too. Installers who spend their time searching for parts need more time to complete tasks. Plus, if installing cab insulation requires the use of spray adhesives, mobile equipment manufacturers need to address health and safety issues.

Mobile Equipment Insulation: Fabrication

Cab InsulationWater jet cutting from Elasto Proxy improves cut quality and reduces material waste. Our water jet cutting table creates clean, straight lines with speed and precision. Elasto Proxy can also make chamfered cuts like 30° and 45° angles. In addition to offering greater precision, our cutting services provide you with a truer picture of your manufacturing costs. Instead of wondering about rework or scrap, you’ll get high-quality insulation every time.

Insulation that’s cut neatly conveys quality, but the advantages of working with us don’t end there.  Elasto Proxy can cut and assemble multi-layer engine bay insulation, and then package all of your parts in easy-to-use kits. The boxes that arrive at your facility or in the field contain everything your installers need. There’s no hunting for parts or waiting for them to arrive. Plus, by applying pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) to your insulation, we can supply you with peel-and-stick solutions that are safer than adhesive spraying.

Thermal Insulation and Acoustic Insulation

Engine Bay InsulationElasto Proxy custom-fabricates many different types of mobile equipment insulation. For example, materials with a perforated vinyl facing are used in the headliner and cab. This acoustic insulation contains small holes that allow sounds to pass through. Depending on the amount of engine noise, a thicker or thinner foam may be laminated to the facing material. Facing colors typically include black, gray, and brown; however, Elasto Proxy can also match custom colors to your mobile equipment designs.

Insulation for mobile equipment includes composite materials with an aluminum foil facing. This thin-gauge metal material can deflect some of the heat that’s transferred from an engine towards the cab. The insulation’s sandwich-style structure also includes a sound barrier. By reducing the amount of engine noise that reaches the operator, this insulation supports compliance with occupational safety requirements, too. Elasto Proxy can also fabricate rubber floor mats that absorb sounds and reduce noise.

Request a Sample Insulation Kit from Elasto Proxy

Are you searching for insulation for mobile equipment? Would you like to learn more about Elasto Proxy’s capabilities? Do you need samples that you can show to co-workers in purchasing, engineering, or operations? Then request Elasto Proxy’s sample insulation kit. Packaged in a black-and-orange cinch bag, this convenient sample bag contains representative samples of insulation products.

Mobile Equipment Insulation