Operator cab interiors that use kitted parts from Elasto Proxy have three key advantages.

Elasto Proxy is a full-service fabricator that kits and custom packages water jet cut parts for operator cab interiors. Examples include headliner panels, floor mats, and insulation for cabin doors and walls. Heavy equipment manufacturers who partner with us can improve cabin appearance and performance for a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. With our kitting and assembly packaging services, you can also save time and money through more efficient operations.      

This article from Elasto Proxy examines three key benefits of using our kitted parts for your operator cab interiors. If you’re ready to discuss your application, contact us.

water jet cut parts

#1 Better Appearance

Elasto Proxy uses water jet cutting to fabricate cabin components with smooth, straight lines and chamfered angles. There’s never any tooling to pay for or wait for, and our water jet technology can make angled cuts for wrap-around edges that provide a finished appearance. Cutting with a cardboard template and a utility knife or box cutter can’t match the precision of water jet cutting, and heavy equipment manufacturers who cut parts by hand may never know the amount of waste that’s created by miscuts. 

Water jet cutting offers other advantages as well. For example, to accommodate cabin components such as fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and net pockets, water jet technology can create through holes for fasteners. This form of digital manufacturing can also cut blind holes for raised fastener heads that are hidden behind cab insulation. Heavy equipment buyers and operators won’t see these blind holes, but they’ll like the look of cabin insulation that’s flush-mounted.

#2 Greater Performance

Operator cabins need to protect personnel from more than just weather and debris. With diesel-powered equipment, cabins need to block, absorb, or dampen noise. Sometimes, all three forms of acoustic insulation are required. Elasto Proxy supplies these custom solutions and also provides acoustic insulation that can tune out specific frequencies such as the low rumble of a diesel engine. With electric vehicles, we offer solutions to prevent road noise from entering an otherwise quieter cabin.

Because Elasto Proxy’s water jet parts are precision cut, they won’t leave gaps that allow unwanted sounds to pass through. That’s important for complex configurations such as the nearly 30 different headliner panels that we kit for one of our customers. We can also supply kitted parts with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for temporary fastening. Taped parts don’t require adhesive spraying, a messy process with time-consuming setups and cleanups along with environmental health and safety concerns.  

Importantly, Elasto Proxy can provide these and other cabin components in a way that improves efficiency across your organization.

#3 Improved Efficiency

Kitting for operator cabin interiors reduces the number of stocking units (SKUs) that a heavy equipment manufacturer needs to order, receive, store, and pay for. Instead of ordering individual headliner panels separately, Purchasing can order all of the panels for a build against one SKU. This SKU can also include other parts (such as flooring) that you install concurrently. There’s only one incoming box for Receiving to handle, and companies that use just-in-time inventory can send that box right to the assembly line.

Heavy equipment manufacturers that keep kits in inventory can also improve efficiency. Since there’s just one SKU to track, there are fewer stocking locations to maintain. That makes parts picking simpler, less error-prone, and less time-consuming. When it’s time for inventory personnel to bring a kit to the assembly line, installers get all of the parts they need. With assembly packaging, these parts are packaged in the same order as your work instructions.

For example, let’s say you install the headliner first. Within the box you receive, the first panel to install is on top. The second panel is below it, and so on. If you install flooring last, you’ll find it at the bottom of the box. The installer doesn’t have to dump all of the parts on the floor to figure out what to install first, and there isn’t any confusion about similar-looking parts. Your Accounting Department also saves time and money because there’s just one invoice to pay, and the kit is one line item.   

Parts Kitting for Operator Cab Interiors

Do you need components for operator cabin interiors that improve the appearance and performance of the heavy equipment that you make? Do you need insulation or flooring that works better in the field? Elasto Proxy has the custom-fabricated solutions that you need, and we can kit and custom package your parts in a way that improves efficiency across your entire organization.

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