Elasto Proxy sells tractor supplies to agricultural equipment manufacturers. If you need rubber products or plastic parts in low-to-medium volumes, we can supply you with sealing and insulation solutions for under the hood, in the cab, and around the tractor. The products we supply include door seals, window seals, and the interior trim for roll-over protection structures (ROPS). We also supply rubber floor mats, thermal insulation for engine bays, and acoustic insulation for tractor cabs. 

Contact Elasto Proxy if you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or part of the supply chain for agricultural heavy equipment. If you’d like to learn more about the tractor supplies that we offer, keep reading this article.

Tractor Supplies Under the Hood

Most tractors have liquid-cooled engines that are fueled by diesel or gasoline. These powerplants use an engine-driven pump to circulate coolant through passages in the engine block and cylinder heads. The cooling tubes and cooling hoses that Elasto Proxy can supply are an important part of this system. These conduits are made of rubber or plastic materials that can resist water, antifreeze, corrosion inhibitors, and extreme service temperatures.

Coolant hoses for tractor engines are usually made of silicone, EPDM, or neoprene. Runs of hose can be straight or branched. They may be reinforced with wire or fabric. The SAE 20R4 D1 standard describes industry requirements for radiator hoses. Tractor supplies for engine cooling systems also include auxiliary cooling assemblies for transmissions. These assemblies are critical because high temperatures can cause transmission fluid to break down and components to wear prematurely.

Tractor supplies from Elasto Proxy also support engine lubrication. With smaller engines, oil tubes are usually made of an oil-resistant rubber like neoprene or nitrile. With engines of all sizes, the oil cap can be made of a thermoplastic material, typically polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Tractors also use hood-to-cowl seals made of a weather-resistant rubber like EPDM. These rubber gaskets are designed to provide a long-lasting environmental seal.

Tractor Supplies In and Around the Cab

Tractor supplies include rubber and plastic parts for cabs or cabins that help to protect operators from weather-related conditions. Today, tractor cabs are designed to support both safety and comfort and may include satellite radio, heat, and air conditioning. AC tube and hose assemblies can resist specific refrigerants. Butyl rubber is a common choice and can be reinforced with braided steel wire to provide stability and protection.

Air conditioning hose for tractors needs to meet application requirements for maximum working pressure (psi) and service temperature. Hoses that comply with SAE J2064 Type B, Class I are suitable for off-road use. Farm tractors also need hydraulic hose assemblies, hydraulic tube assemblies, and structural tube rails. These tractor supplies must resist hydraulic fluid and meet both dimensional and performance-related specifications.  

Within the tractor cab or cabin, the controls for hydraulic systems also need rubber and plastic parts. In addition to steering and braking, hydraulics are used to raise and lower loaders, mowers, cutters, and seeders. With the flip of a plastic switch, the tractor’s operators can also activate windshield wipers with rubber blades. Rubber door and window seals, floor mats and edge trim, and headliners that provide acoustic insulation are also part of the tractor cab.

Find Rubber Products and Plastic Parts for Tractors 

Elasto Proxy doesn’t build tractors, but we can provide you with the rubber products and plastic parts that you need. For over 30 years, we’ve been serving the mobile equipment industry. Today, our customers include companies in agricultural, forestry, construction, emergency vehicle, utility vehicle, and other market segments. If you’re a manufacturer who needs tractor supplies, contact us.  

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