Molded rubber products can cost less when you buy them overseas, but do you know how to find a supplier you can trust? Will they use quality tooling and will you have to pay up front? If things don’t work out, how will you get your money and tooling back? What if there are sudden increases in tariffs, or supply chain disruptions that are even worse than they are right now? If you can’t get the rubber parts that you need when you need them, will your assembly line come to a screeching halt?

The way to minimize risk like this is to buy molded rubber products from Elasto Proxy. Instead of looking for your own overseas suppliers, leverage our existing supply chain. Because we’ve been buying products globally for years, we enjoy long-term relationships with trusted vendors who mold quality items. Members of the Elasto Proxy leadership team have met with these suppliers and toured their facilities. We can even tell you about products that we’ve ordered before.

Plus, think about volume discounts. Even if you can find a reliable overseas vendor, you’ll need to buy in large quantities. That ties up cash and warehouse space. If you buy molded products from Elasto Proxy instead, we can order in high volumes but send you only what you need. We’ll store the remaining parts in our warehouses and release shipments according to your sales forecasts. Since you only pay for what you receive, you can get the benefits of volume discounts without the hassles.

Ask Elasto Proxy for molded rubber products or keep reading to learn about what we can provide.

Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are installed within panels and help protect wires or cables that pass-through. Materials of construction include EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, and silicone. Typically, rubber grommets are shaped like rings or eyelets; however, they can also be flanged, collared, or shaped like a horseshoe. Dimensional specifications include inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), groove width, groove diameter, and overall thickness.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts (vibration, mounts, isolation mounts) stop the transmission of noise and vibration in vehicles, equipment, and machines. They feature rubber-to-metal bonding and attach with a threaded metal fastener. The rubber in a vibration isolator acts as a spring and absorbs energy that can damage mechanical systems. Isolation mounts come in different sizes and shapes, including mounting pads. The metal threads for anti-vibration mounts are available in both U.S. and metric sizes.

Rubber Bumpers

Bumpers are molded parts that provide protection against low-speed collisions and low-speed impacts. They are installed on trucks, trailers, loading docks, and generator sets (gensets). These molded rubber products are made of EPDM, SBR, and other elastomers that can withstand wind, weather, abrasion, and incidental contact with petroleum products. Typically, rubber bumpers install with metal fasteners such as screws and bolts. Protective bumpers with embedded washers are also available.

Silicone Connectors

Silicone connectors are molded rubber products that connect the intake pipes and tubes in diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. These engine components resist high temperatures and provide strength and flexibility. Types of silicone connectors include silicone elbows, silicone reducers, straight hoses, hump hoses, and wrapped hoses. To meet application-specific requirements, custom silicone connectors can include fabric, wire, or liner materials.

Rubber Hose Clamps

Rubber hose clamps are molded rubber products that used for joining pipes. To promote reliable connections, they have recessed nut-and-bolt holes so that there’s no exposed metal after assembly. Applications include industrial machinery, vehicles, and equipment. Rubber hose clamps that are molded from the right elastomers and in the right durometers can also provide cushioning to help protect the joint from movement.

Choose Molded Rubber Products from Elasto Proxy

Some manufacturers know Elasto Proxy as a fabricator of thermal and acoustic insulation or finished gaskets. Others buy coils of rubber for us instead. Elasto Proxy is both of these things, but we’re also ready to supply you with cost-effective quantities of molded products that come in low MOQs and have on-time deliveries. Request a quote.  

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