Learn how Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates seals and insulation for the stainless steel and food equipment industries. Our value-added solutions strengthen your manufacturing supply chain.

Stainless Steel and Food EquipmentElasto Proxy, an experienced provider of sealing and insulation solutions, strengthens supply chains in the stainless steel and food equipment industries. Through design assistance, compound selection, and custom-fabrication, we support projects from prototyping to production. Elasto Proxy also offers value-added solutions that speed installation and optimize inventory management. Our rubber and plastic parts arrive ready-to-install, and we can ship them on-demand or according to your sales forecast.

Rubber Products for Stainless Steel Equipment

Stainless steel equipment is used in food and beverage manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, restaurants and industrial kitchens, and in many other processing applications. Stainless steels, a group of iron alloys that contain significant additions of chromium, support frequent wash-downs and resist rust and corrosion even in acidic environments. These steel alloys also maintain their strength, resistance to staining, and other desirable material properties at high and low temperatures.

For manufacturers of stainless steel equipment, it’s important to select rubber products that support larger machine designs. That’s why Elasto Proxy supplies high-quality door seals, vat seals, edge trim, and other rubber parts that support your processing application and withstand demanding environmental conditions. Manufacturers of stainless steel equipment also ask Elasto Proxy for custom seals and specialty insulation for used machinery that’s being refurbished.

Elasto Proxy supplies these and other rubber products to the stainless steel and food equipment industries:

  • Rubber gaskets for refrigerators
  • High-temperature seals for commercial ovens
  • EPDM channels for mixers
  • Silicone seals for food service equipment
  • Rubber profiles for stainless steel tables
  • Fluorosilicone gaskets for pharmaceutical equipment

Value-Added Solutions for Supply Chain Strength

Elasto Proxy isn’t just a parts provider. We’re a manufacturing partner who strengthens your entire supply chain. Here are our headquarters in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, we use SolidWorks® to review your seal designs. If necessary, we can suggest design improvements. During compound selection, Elasto Proxy sources materials from a trusted network of suppliers. Our technical team understands FDA and NSF requirements, and can recommend the right rubber for food contact, sanitary, or hygienic applications.

When your seals, gaskets, or insulation are ready for prototyping or low-to-medium volume production, Elasto Proxy uses water jet equipment to make fine, fast, cost-effective cuts. Unlike die cutting, there’s no tooling or waiting for tooling. Unlike laser cutting, water jet cutting won’t produce burnt or “toasted” edges that can result in material waste. Water jet cutting also supports larger gasket sizes and integrates smoothly with our additional custom-fabrication capabilities.

For example, when a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer needed large, thick rubber door gaskets, Elasto Proxy cut fluorosilicone sheets and then bonded them together. We can also bond different types of elastomeric materials to create custom insulation “sandwiches” such as thermal-acoustic insulation. With molded or extruded profiles, Elasto Proxy cuts lengths to-size and then uses various splicing or bonding techniques. Adhesive taping supports the production of peel-and-stick gaskets that are ready to install.

How Can We Help You?

Do you need custom seals, gaskets, or insulation for food industry equipment such as restaurant ovens, refrigerators, or mixers? Do you need low-to-medium volume quantities of reliable rubber products for pharmaceutical equipment such as tablet coating machines? For over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has supplied sealing and insulation solutions that strengthen manufacturing supply chains. From seal design and custom fabrication to inventory management and on-time shipments, we’re ready to help.

Contact us for more information about our capabilities, or for answers to your application-specific questions about sealing and insulation.

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