Doug and Donna Sharpe along with Megan Beaulieu and Suzanne Piché, General Manager of Centraide Laurentides.
Doug and Donna Sharpe along with Megan Beaulieu and Suzanne Piché, General Manager of Centraide Laurentides.

Doug Sharpe

President of Elasto Proxy

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you greet them when you see them, or do you sometimes pass them by? We’re all so busy these days, and it can be easy to miss what’s going on around us. Yet each of us is also part of a community. As proud as we are of our individual accomplishments, there is room in our lives for helping others.

Meet Your Neighbors

Here in the Laurentians, the region north of Montreal that Elasto Proxy calls home, a non-profit group called Centraide Laurentides sees what our neighbors need. By collecting donations from businesses and individuals in and around Boisbriand, Quebec, Centraide Laurentides supports a network of community assistance groups such as food banks, adult literacy programs, and efforts to help teenage mothers.

Elasto Proxy is proud to support Centraide Laurentides, and encourages others to join us in giving to a good cause. Last September, for example, Elasto Proxy employees walked throughout the industrial park where our company is based, and visited our neighbors door-to-door. We enjoyed discussing Centraide’s fundraising campaign, and hoped that others would also contribute.

Prizes and Participation

On behalf of Elasto Proxy, I would like to thank Centraide Laurentides for recognizing our efforts. In addition to a Grand Prize of Excellence for a small enterprise, Elasto Proxy won a platinum certificate for overall participation, which was above 90%. Elasto Proxy employees contribute to Centraide Laurentides via Direct Deposit paycheck deductions, and the company matches these donations by 250%.

I’m proud that the company Donna Sharpe and I founded 25 years ago is such a strong team, and thank everyone who donated for their generous support. Megan Beaulieu also deserves special mention as she was nominated for a Centraide Campaign Leader award. See the nomination video here. From our September walk through the Tech Park to December’s Family Day event, Team Elasto Proxy finished strong.

How Can We Help You Help Centraide Laurentides?

This is the second year in a row that Elasto Proxy has won two Centraide awards, and we will continue to look for ways to deepen our commitment.  If you live or work in or around Boisbriand, Quebec, I hope you will consider supporting Centraide Laurentides, too.

Do you have questions about how to get involved? Would you like to know more about our experiences with fundraising? Talk to us today. Look for a post with a link to this blog entry on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Elasto Proxy has pages on all of these social media websites, so all that’s missing is you.

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