Forestry equipment flooring and floor mats protect the cabin floor and support employee health and safety. The metal flooring that’s used inside a forestry cab is strong and durable; however, operators track mud, snow, and rainwater inside. Rubber floor mats can reduce the risk of water-related damage while protecting employees from potential slip-and-fall hazards. Rubber floor matting that’s laminated to acoustic insulation can also absorb noise from the engine bay, which is often next to the cab or cabin. This sound-absorbing insulation helps to protect employee hearing while supporting regulatory compliance.

Elasto Proxy supplies forestry equipment flooring and floor mats to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations. The rubber products that we make provide important advantages over carpeting and are backed by our design assistance and help with material selection. The manufacturing processes that we use also save you time and money. For example, with our kitting and assembly packaging services, Elasto Proxy can provide you with all of the rubber and plastic products that you need for a forestry equipment build – and in the order of assembly.

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Rubber vs. Carpeting for Forestry Equipment Flooring

Unlike carpeting, rubber floor matting won’t stain. Rubber materials are also easier-to-clean and, compared to carpet, offer greater wear resistance. In a forestry equipment cab, an operator’s feet may stay in the same position for long periods of time. With carpeting, heel wear can cause holes in the fabric. This exposes the metal subfloor, introduces a potential safety hazard, and provides a path for engine sounds. Forestry equipment flooring and floor mats that are made of rubber also be used as a kick-plate. The rubber absorbs impact, protecting cabin walls from contact with the operator’s boots.    

Design Assistance and Material Selection

Elasto Proxy can review your CAD files to help prepare your forestry equipment flooring for manufacturing. We can also help you with material selection so that the rubber you select supports your larger product design. Although most rubber flooring is black, Elasto Proxy can also source materials in gray or brown. We can even order rubber that has a pebbled texture or has diamond-shaped recesses for catching water. If you need forestry equipment flooring with acoustic insulation, we can recommend the right acoustical foam and thickness for your specific noise levels and decibel reduction requirements.

Value-Added Manufacturing

Forestry equipment flooring that provides acoustic insulation is made of a rubber surface material that is laminated to an acoustical foam. After Elasto Proxy laminates these materials together, we use water jet cutting to create flooring and floor mats that meet exacting tolerances. For example, we can cut precise openings for the metal arms that attach to the gas and brake pedals. Water jet  cutting can also create smooth straight lines for the edges of kick plates and rounded bolt holes for attaching seats. This tool-less cutting process is ideal for prototyping and a smart choice for low-to-medium volume manufacturing.

Forestry Equipment Flooring and Floor Mats for OEMs and MROs

Are you an OEM or MRO that needs forestry equipment flooring or floor mats? Do you need these parts on-demand or in response to your sales forecasts? Are you interested in value-added services like kitting and assembly packaging for more efficient operations? Imagine receiving a box with all of the rubber and plastic parts that you need for a build and then sending that shipment from your receiving dock to your assembly line. Talk to our team about how we can help you to become more efficient in 2021. We can even send you the Elasto Bag, samples of forestry equipment solutions.   

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