elasto bagDo you need thermal, acoustic, or thermal-acoustic insulation for forestry, mining, construction, or other types of mobile equipment? Maybe you need cabin flooring or floormats instead. The Elasto Bag, a sack full of samples from Elasto Proxy, contains sealing and insulation that you can see for yourself and hold in your hands. It’s easy to request an Elasto Bag, but what’s inside when you get it?

The Elasto Bag contains at least nine samples of sealing and insulation. (We can also include samples of  edge trim, bulb trim, or D-shaped profiles with adhesives if you need them). Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Elasto Bag so that you’ll understand what you have or can get. Along the way, you’ll see links where you can download product specifications.


FM-500-60-ZMFM-500-60-ZM flooring contains a single layer of acoustical foam that’s bonded to a sound barrier. The top of this barrier material features a durable, wear-resistant, diamond plate design. Applications for FM-500-60-ZM include floormats and flooring in trucks, buses, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. This composite is also a good choice for runners and anti-fatigue mats.



FM-625-50-ZM features a weather-resistant pebbled surface and provides superior impact strength. Applications include floor mats in heavy equipment and mining equipment, and tool box liners and trailer wall liners. FM-625-50-ZM is also used as a ground liner for storage tanks or berms. The polyethylene foam that’s used meets flammability specifications for the mobile equipment industry.

SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM)


SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM) is an insulation sandwich that consists of a sound-absorbing foam bonded to a vinyl facing. The facing material contains small holes for enhanced acoustical properties and provides an attractive appearance for cabin interiors. For ease-of-insulation, SH-250-60-PVTM (FM-ZM) features a removable liner with PSA adhesive.


 SH-500-PVTG combines the sound absorption of acoustical foam with the toughness and durability of a vinyl facing. The foam meets industry-specific flammability requirements and is heat-laminated to a vinyl film with small holes for enhanced noise control. SH-500-54-PVTG’s attractive appearance makes it a good choice for vehicle interiors, marine headliners, and enclosures.


SH-500-58-ZMTSH-500-58-ZMT reduces heat and noise from the engine bay. This three-layer composite sandwiches a layer of silicone foam between a reinforced fabric facing and a removable liner with a PSA adhesive. The facing material is black and smooth. All three materials provide strong resistance to chemicals, oils, and mildew. SH-500-58-ZMT is suitable for applications with temperature ranges between -40° C and 150° C.


SH-625-54-ZTBRASH-625-54-ZTBRA is thermal-acoustic insulation for maximum sound attenuation over a broad frequency range. It sandwiches a vibration damper between acoustical foams and includes a metal foil facing that reflects radiant heat. For ease-of-installation, an adhesive-backed liner is used. SH-625-54-ZTBRA is dense, flexible, and characterized by high transmission loss and high noise reduction coefficients.


SH-1000-54-PVTBL sandwiches a thick layer of polyether or polyurethane foam between a PVC-coated fabric facing and a removable liner with PSA adhesive. The charcoal-colored facing material contains a series of small holes for enhanced noise control. The foam is tested to ASTM specifications and meets various flammability standards.


SH-1000-54-ZZUTSH-1000-54-ZZUT consists of a sound-absorbing foam that’s heat-laminated to a urethane film or matte facing. These films and facings come in different colors and can provide resistance to moisture, dirt, and most petroleum products. For ease-of-installation, SH-1000-54-ZZUT can include a removable liner with PSA adhesive.



SH-2000-48-MEZT is a lightweight, fire-resistant melamine foam that can be combined with various facing materials and PSA liner. The open-cell melamine foam combines high-temperature resistance with superior sound-absorbing properties. Facing materials like aluminum foil can reflect radiant heat and provide chemical resistance.

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We hope this information about the Elasto Bag has been helpful and invite you to contact Elasto Proxy with your application-specific questions. Finally, if you don’t have an Elasto Bag, now is a great time to get one.

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