Do you need BISCO® HT-805(A) silicone foam but without the long lead times? Elasto Proxy supplies an alternative to this medium-density silicone foam from Rogers Corporation. Elasto Proxy’s sheet material comes in standard and custom thicknesses and is available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for ease of installation. Our material is gray in color, has a smooth surface finish, and is available as sheets, rolls, or custom-fabricated gaskets. Request a quote, or keep reading to learn more.

Key Characteristics and Material Specifications

Elasto Proxy’s offset to BISCO® HT-805(A) is a highly-compressible gasket material that meets UL-94 V0 requirements for flame resistance. It also combines high-temperature and low-temperature resistance with protection against ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light. In addition to environmental sealing, this closed-cell silicone foam provides shock reduction and vibration isolation.

With its excellent memory and low stress-relaxation characteristics, Elasto Proxy’s medium-firmness silicone foam reduces the risk of gasket failure caused by softening and compression set, the permanent deformation of gasket material. If a rubber gasket reaches a compression set, it won’t return to its original thickness after a compressive force, such as a closed door, is removed.

The table below lists product specifications for Elasto Proxy’s alternative to BISCO® HT-805(A).


Test Method

Typical Values

Density, lbs/

ASTM D5374


Compression Deflection, psi

ASTM D1056-78



ASTM D2240

15 ±5 Shore C

Compression Set

22 hrs. @ 212°F


Water Absorption, %

Internal test 24 hrs.


Temperature Range °F

SAE J2236

-55°F to 400°F

Tensile Strength, psi



Elongation, %




UL 94




1.39 C2/(N·M2)

Dielectric Strength


1.6 KV/mm

Flame Diffusion Index



Smoke density (4 mins / Ds)



Gas Emission Level



Elasto Proxy’s medium-density silicone foam is available in these standard thicknesses.

  • .032″ (0.8128 mm)
  • .062″ (1.5748 mm)
  • .093″ (2.3622 mm)
  • .125″ (3.175 mm)
  • .187″ (4.7498 mm)
  • .250″ (6.35 mm)
  • .375″ (9.525 mm)
  • .500″ (12.7 mm)

Custom thicknesses are available upon request.

The maximum width is 19″ (482.6 mm). 

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Applications and Industries

Applications for Elasto Proxy’s alternative to BISCO® HT-805(A) include communications, electronics, and lighting enclosures. In outdoor environments, these types of housings need to exclude dust and wind-driven rain while also resisting the spread of fire. With its proven UL 94 V-0 performance, this material meets tough flammability requirements used by many industries, including automotive.

The shock reduction and vibration isolation characteristics of Elasto Proxy’s medium-density silicone foam also make it a good choice for heavy equipment, aviation, and mass transit applications. From construction, agricultural and forestry equipment to commercial aircraft and passenger railcars, elastomeric foams help protect sensitive components from vibration while minimizing cabin noise levels.

Elasto Proxy’s medium-density silicone foam also meets the requirements of AMS 3195, an aerospace material specification (AMS) from SAE International. In addition, this material passes the SMP 800-C gas emission level test. SMP 800-C, which is also known as the Bombardier Toxicity Test, measures toxic gases emitted by burning materials and is used extensively by the transportation and mass transit industries.  

BISCO® Silicone Alternative for Distribution and Fabrication

Elasto Proxy supplies its alternative to BISCO® HT-805(A) for either distribution or fabrication. Whether you need sheets, rolls, or finished gaskets, we can offer you shorter lead times. At our manufacturing facility near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we use water jet cutting to produce low-to-medium volumes of gaskets. There’s no tooling to pay for or wait for, and water jet cutting is fast and precise.

Materials in standard thicknesses are readily available, and Elasto Proxy can laminate standard sheets together to achieve custom thicknesses. Our capabilities include the application of acrylic and silicone adhesives and the production of taped gaskets that arrive ready to install. Manufacturers who issue a blanket purchase order can secure their supply and receive releases based on their sales forecasts.

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