Looking for EV products? Elasto Proxy is where EV manufacturers source all of the rubber and plastic parts they need. Whether it’s extruded, molded, rubber-to-metal bonded, or custom fabricated, we simplify sourcing and are like an extension of your engineering team. Let us know what you’re looking for and check out the top ten types of EV products that we provide.

EV Door Seals

Elasto Proxy makes EV door seals from extruded lengths of TPV or EPDM rubber. TPV is more expensive, but it’s lighter-weight, recyclable, and supports color matching. EPDM is a traditional automotive material, but it can be coated to avoid squeaking and discoloration. We can supply you with coils or cut lengths, but you’ll get even greater value from bonded gaskets that are taped for peel-and-stick installation.  

EV Window Seals

EV window seals from Elasto Proxy are made from extruded rubber that’s been flocked or coated with textile fibers to promote sealing and reduce rubbing, a cause of buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR). Whether you need traditional glass run channels or custom gaskets for vent or valence (quarter-glass) windows, we’re ready to share installation advice and draw upon our gasketing experience.   

EV Acoustic Insulation

Without the loud sounds of an internal combustion engine (ICE), EV drivers tend to notice more noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) from other sources. That’s why Elasto Proxy supplies acoustic insulation for EV interiors, including sandwich-style solutions that tune out specific frequencies. Whether you need sound absorbers, barriers, or dampers, these EV products can help you achieve a quieter cabin.

EV Anti-Vibration Mounts

The EV anti-vibration mounts that we supply also help to reduce NVH and BSR. These rubber-to-metal bonded products include power train mounts that come in styles such as cone mounts, H-mounts, and bushes. Products also include EV suspension mounts, EV closure stops, and travel limiters. Let us help you with component selection and kit your anti-vibration mounts along with other EV products for each build.          

EV Thermal Pads

EV thermal pads are made from thermally conductive silicones that help move heat away from sensitive components such as onboard electronics. Elasto Proxy fabricates thermal pads from sheets that come in a range of durometers and thicknesses. We can also supply you with molded EV products such as O-rings and grommets that are made from silicones with good thermal conductivity.

EV EMI Shielding Gaskets

As a complete provider of EV-specific solutions, Elasto Proxy offers protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). We fabricate EV EMI shielding gaskets from silicones that contain metal or metal-coated particles. We can also supply you with molded gaskets or bonded O-rings made from these same materials. For ready-to-install EMI gaskets, ask us to apply pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape.

EV Battery Compartment Gaskets

Elasto Proxy’s EV battery compartment gaskets combine environmental sealing with thermal insulation. They can also deliver EMI shielding and flame resistance. These enclosure seals are installed between the top and bottom parts of the battery compartment and may have holes for metal fasteners. Choose EV battery gaskets made from silicone or polyurethane foams or consider solid silicones with UL 94 approvals.

EV Battery Pack Seals

EV battery pack seals provide sealing and insulation within the battery compartment itself. They are installed between battery packs and are often made of closed-cell silicone, a material that resists the contaminants while providing compressibility and high-temperature resistance. EV battery pack seals that are made from silicones also resist a wide range of temperatures and can provide flame resistance.   

EV Hoses and Hose Connectors

Generally, EV hoses are longer and narrower than the hoses used in ICE vehicles. In part, that’s because EVs need complex hose assemblies that wrap around the battery and the battery compartment for thermal management. Like ICE vehicles, however, EVs also use silicone hoses and connectors for air conditioning systems. Elasto Proxy is your source for them all, including EPDM hose connectors.

EV Rubber and Plastic Molded Parts

Among the many products we can provide to EV manufacturers, Elasto Proxy is also your one-shop stop for molded rubber and plastic parts. Along with connectors and anti-vibration mounts, examples include grommets, bumpers, and hose clamps. By leveraging our supply chain strength, you can simplify sourcing and partner with a provider who’s like an extension of your engineering department.  

Choose EV Products from Elasto Proxy

Ready to learn more? Let us know what you need and experience the difference that comes from working with a manufacturing partner instead of a mere parts provider.

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