By Doug Sharpe

President, Elasto Proxy

Last week, Elasto Proxy attended a very special meeting of the Groupement des chefs d’enterprise du Québec at the Fairmont Tremblant in scenic Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Along with my wife Donna, a co-founder of Elasto Proxy, I was joined by Clyde Sharpe, our President of International Sales, at the Group’s annual Congress on November 2nd and 3rd. Created by a handful of entrepreneurs 37 years ago, the Group now includes 1800 leaders and aspiring leaders of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) from more than 235 clubs across Québec, New Brunswick, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Doing Business in Quebec and Beyond – The Congress of Groupement des chefs d’enterprise du Québec

As the Group’s Founding President, Marcel Bundock, explains, this innovative business network enables business leaders to “break the isolation” by connecting with peers. By sharing experiences and learning from others, SMEs like Elasto Proxy can identify best practices and gain important insights. The life cycle of an entrepreneur has multiple stages, so knowing where you stand today is the first step in planning a more profitable path toward tomorrow. Each entrepreneur has particular strengths and weaknesses, of course, so it’s critical to seek sound advice. For Elasto Proxy, the Group has been a source of wisdom.

This year, the Congress featured dynamic speakers from both inside and outside of the Group. Anne Marcotte, the host and producer of, delivered an especially powerful testimonial. As Anne explains, “Few people would have bet on me. No condition played in my favor – neither studies nor an environment that helped me to go after my dreams”.  Today, however, the founder of Marcotte Multimedia regularly inspires viewers of with both her personal history and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.  Thank you, Anne, for participating in the Group and sharing your story!

The Congress also met with the current and 22nd president of the Group, Lisa Fecteau, whose theme has been “See GREAT with confidence”.  By helping SMEs like Elasto Proxy to expand our vision, achieve our potential, and do great things, the Groupement des chefs d’enterprise du Québec is inspiring and empowering business leaders to embrace today’s challenges and find tomorrow’s opportunities.