Custom Gasket Kit

Doug Sharpe
President of Elasto Proxy

Ready-to-install rubber gasketing speeds production, cuts labor costs, and reduces material waste. As we learned in our recent Make It or Buy It? series, it’s critical to consider custom fabrication in light of your manufacturing overhead (MOH) and opportunity costs. By choosing rubber gaskets that are ready right out-of-the-box, your installers can attach seals quickly, easily, and accurately. By partnering with a custom fabricator who delivers on your needs, you can also strengthen your industrial supply chain.

As a global supplier of specialty sealing solutions, Elasto Proxy provides bonded gaskets, spliced gaskets, and molded gaskets to a variety of industries. Instead of tightening screws or performing time-consuming cutting operations, production personnel install custom-fabricated components that come pre-cut, labeled, and with a removable plastic liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). From gasket design and custom fabrication to logistics and shipments, Elasto Proxy supports your company’s operations.

Gasket Design and Custom Fabrication

Elasto Proxy helps solve a wide range of sealing challenges. Some partners submit 3D CAD files and ask our sealing specialists to design and extrude custom gaskets. Others save time and money by choosing bonded gaskets, spliced gaskets, and molded gaskets that we keep in stock, and that require more limited custom fabrication. With our fast, efficient water jet cutting capabilities, Elasto Proxy can cut gaskets to size with speed and precision – and without the tooling costs associated with die cutting.

By keeping hundreds of rubber profiles in stock, Elasto Proxy can also offer quick turn-around times to meet the most demanding prototyping and production schedules. In addition to water jet cutting, our custom fabrication capabilities include film splicing, cold bonding, C-press injection molding, and vulcanizing. If taping is right for your application, our solutions providers may suggest either PSA or HATS, a high-bond tape that adheres well to automotive paints and plastics.

Logistics and On-Time Shipments

Elasto Proxy can supply custom-fabricated gaskets in limited quantities at first, and then increase deliveries as production scales-up. With warehouses in Canada and the United States, we can also store your ready-to-ship rubber parts and then send them according to your sales forecast, or on-demand. Just-in-time (JIT) deliveries reduce the amount of goods and materials that you hold in inventory, and support your lean manufacturing efforts.

Do you need help sourcing custom gaskets? Would you like to learn more about the value of custom fabrication, too? For 25 years, Elasto Proxy has been working with partners in a variety of industries to solve sealing challenges. By listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs, our solutions providers can recommend sealing solutions that are right for your application.

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