Worlds Greatest

Clyde Sharpe
President of Sales – Elasto Proxy

Would you like to see how the world’s greatest custom gaskets are made? Would you like to meet the people who make them? Thanks to How 2 Media, producers of a popular television series called  “World’s Greatest!…”, you’ll soon have that chance. Viewers will also get to go behind-the-scenes at Elasto Proxy, the industrial rubber goods company that was started nearly 25 years ago.

Family-Owned Company and Global Player

Now in its seventh season, “World’s Greatest!…” takes an insightful, informative look at companies, products, and technologies that are considered best-in-class. Episodes air on various cable networks, and are also available on the TV show’s website and YouTube channel. When How 2 Media selected Elasto Proxy for an episode of “World’s Greatest!…”, we welcomed the opportunity.

As Gordon Freeman, the TV show’s executive producer, explains, “Elasto Proxy has become a leader in providing industrial customers with high-value, low-volume rubber and plastic components. Founded as a family-owned company in 1989, Elasto Proxy is  now a global player in the rubber and plastics industry. We think their story will be meaningful as well as educational for viewers.”

TV Production and Rubber Fabrication

Filming of the TV show will happen here at our headquarters in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada. The film crew that How2Media sends north from Delray Beach, Florida will capture fast-paced footage of our tube fabrication process, and also interview members of the Elasto Proxy team. On behalf of our close-knit company, I’m looking forward to sharing our application knowledge and design expertise.

As viewers will see, Elasto Proxy designs and custom fabricates many products, including industrial tubing for low compression force sealing and shock absorption. Partners in a variety of industries typically choose soft, bendable tubes made of compounds such as silicone, neoprene, and EPDM. Elasto Proxy can also cut lengths of industrial tube into tube rings to reduce mechanical vibrations.

Seeing and Sealing

Would you like to see how industrial rubber products are made? Would you like to meet the people who design and fabricate the world’s greatest custom gaskets? I hope you’ll watch “World’s Greatest!…” when the episode about Elasto Proxy airs. Until then, we’ll keep you informed as we prepare for filming some of our sealing solutions.